Financial Controller

The Hundreds is Huge, Inc.

Vernon, CA. California

6 year(s)

Job Description
The Hundreds is looking for a Financial Controller with a proven track record of success in the apparel and / or footwear industries.

Scope of responsibility includes:

-- Control and manage company-wide financial & accounting systems
-- ERP ( Full Circle - preferred) Software management and direction regarding accounting and finance matters.
-- Budget: Income Statement, Cash flow, departments and special projects.
-- Diagnose financial issues and Manage control systems for all operations.
-- Monitor and report key financial indicators to management
-- Create financial and operational dashboards with key operating indicators.
-- Produce full package financial statements, tie-out book v. tax. Work closely with tax office.
-- Oversee purchase orders, review orders and negotiate vendor financing terms.

• Maintain debt relationships and compliance with tax office.
• Maintain Develop Information Technology as it relates to accounting procedures, operations and communication.
• Review and advise existing and future Staffing based on budgetary guidelines and goals.
• Provide divisional direction, maintain structure and reporting to support management decisions.
• Oversee and maintain Company’s risk management needs.
• Oversee and manage accounting department.
• Oversee and co-manage operations department.
• Oversee Administration/HR departments

If you have experience that supports these responsibilities, please submit your resume and salary requirements through