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Job Description
<p><b><b><span>Position Summary</span></b>: </b>This position represents a technician skilled in one or possibly several trades. A-level Maintenance technicians perform various tasks with an electrical focus in the repair and maintenance of machinery, facilities, and equipment. The technician exercises technical independence in determining work methods and procedures with tasks ranging from reading blue prints and installing new electrical devices to troubleshooting complex system issues. Advancement to this position requires <span>successful completion of the standardized mechanical aptitude test, an electrical test, and interview process. </span></p><p></p><p><b><b><span>Primary Responsibilities of the Job</span></b><span>:</span></b></p><p></p><p><span>Exhibit proven troubleshooting skills in all aspects of distribution center maintenance including PLC Control Logic, electrical, mechanical, and analytical areas of the business. Use electronic/electrical knowledge to troubleshoot system problems.</span> <span>Lead safe work practice behaviors by demonstrating safety in implementation of tasks and understanding safety considerations related to equipment installations and troubleshooting. </span> <span>Troubleshoot equipment-related problems and process performance related issues in order to determine the root cause(s) of a particular request or incident. Use systematic troubleshooting methods to determine the key root cause. Apply good judgment to choosing solutions. </span> <span>Install electrical conduit, wiring, switching devices, controls, fixtures, motors, outlets, enclosures, and other such equipment in order to increase capacity, repair breakdowns, or improve efficiency.</span> <span>Analyze and repair electrical and operational problems on assigned equipment (i.e. conveyor/sortation, building/facility, fire/safety) and plans and takes corrective action. </span> <span>Assist in testing and calibrating electrical, pneumatic, and HVAC controls under operating conditions with or without assistance from specialized contractor(s).</span> <span>Install electrical conduit, wiring, control panels, data lines, switching devices, PLCs, controls, fixtures, motors, outlets, and other such equipment in accordance with applicable codes such as NEC, UL, and NFPA as necessary. Demonstrate leadership in this capacity through work area and project cleanliness, neatness, and standardization of installation behaviors. </span> <span>Perform diagnostic tests, maintain, and evaluate equipment performance using instruments such as voltmeters, pyrometers, pressure gauges, tachometers, light meters, thermal imagers, potentiometers, multi-meters, and other instrumentation devices.</span> <span>Test, calibrate, and repair pneumatic controls, HVAC controls, pumps, fans, valves, PLCs electronic eyes, photo-eyes/photocells, emitters/receivers, motors, and motor starters/inverters, relays, etc. in order to return equipment to operational status.</span> <span>Conduct routine preventative maintenance inspection of assigned equipment, report findings and take corrective actions if possible. Record findings in CMMS.</span> <span>Document and communicate recurring equipment malfunctions, reliability concerns, and lead the effort to implement corrective action recommendations.</span> <span>Use computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to seek out similar issues for help with resolution and/or to build justification for replacement equipment. Assist or coach lower-level technicians with their CMMS proficiency.</span> <span>Develop and present training and communication sessions for the department related to new, modified, or complex equipment operations. </span> <span>Operate and troubleshoot label application equipment as required to maintain a documented record of label quality from either desktop, or process-line printing devices.</span> <span>Assist in routine preventative maintenance inspection of assigned equipment including lubrication of both stationary and moving equipment with oils, greases and other lubricants.</span> <span>Perform other duties as assigned.</span></p><p><b><b><span>Contacts</span></b><span>:</span></b></p><p></p><p><b><span><b> Internal: </b></span></b><span>Facility Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Supervision, and Operations Managers, IT personnel </span></p><p><b><span><b> External: </b></span></b><span>Contact with outside services, contractors, inspectors, and other technical consultants</span></p><p></p><p></p><p><b><b><span>Decision Making</span></b><span>:</span></b></p><p></p><p><span>1. Determine best methods, procedures for maintenance repairs.</span></p><p><span>2. Make troubleshooting/repair recommendations to maintenance supervisor</span></p><p></p><p><b><b><span>Resourcefulness/Creativity</span></b>: </b>Associate should be effective in solving non-recurring problems.</p><p></p><p><b><b><span>Environment</span></b><span>: </span></b></p><p></p><p><span>1. Must stay abreast of changing technology and work in a fast-paced environment</span></p><p><span>2. Must be able to crawl, bend, lift up to 50 lbs., climb, and work at up to 50 ft. heights</span></p><p><span>3. Must be able to distinguish different wire colors</span></p><p><span>4. Must be able to stand most or all of shift in a wide range of temperatures</span></p><p></p><p><b><span><b>Qualifications & Experience: </b></span></b></p><p></p><p><b><span><b>Experience: </b></span></b><span>Must have 5-7 years mechanical maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, conveyors, and sortation experience in a distribution environment. A minimum of two (2) years proven, demonstrated and verifiable electrical / electronics experience is desired.</span></p><p></p><ul><li><span>Understand PLC programming and controls in an automated environment</span></li></ul><p></p><div class = "countryDisclaimer"> <p style="font-style: italic;">PVH Corp. or its subsidiary ("PVH") is an equal opportunity employer and considers all applicants for employment on the basis of their individual capabilities and qualifications, consistent with applicable law and without regard to race, color, sex, gender identity or expression, age, religion, creed, national origin, citizenship status, sexual orientation, genetic information, physical or mental disability, military status or any other characteristic protected under federal, state or local law. In addition to complying with all applicable laws, PVH also has a strong corporate commitment to inclusion, diversity and to ensuring that all current and future PVH associates are compensated solely on job-related factors such as skill, ability, educational background, work quality, experience and potential. To achieve these goals, across the United States and its territories, PVH prohibits any PVH employee, agent or representative from requesting or otherwise considering