Legal Counsel

Multiple Locations
Required Experience: 0 year(s)
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: Not available
Posted 10 days ago
Job Description
Areas that play to your strengths (all the responsibilities we'll trust you with) Expand all Collapse All Support for Marketing Content Provide accurate and relevant legal support for marketing content developed and produced by Red Bull in a manner that keeps the brand’s rebellious nature while maximizing sustainability and minimizing risk. This support will include the structuring, negotiation, explaining and drafting of production service and other vendor agreements, appearance and location releases as well as other documents routinely encountered during production along with direct communication with producers and marketing personnel in the field. This support will also require pragmatic problem solving within the context of a large but fast-moving and de-centralized marketing and media organization. Advertising Law Respond to the legal needs of company personnel tasked with creating product advertising in its many forms including in-store displays, use of original and/or existing video content, still photographs, and beyond. This support will include compliance with governmental and regulatory requirements as well as intellectual property issues common to product advertisements. Education and Influence Help the business grow and mature by counseling and educating non-lawyer marketing and production colleagues on company strategy, workflows and best practices top encourage their development and compliance with legal clearance and content delivery requirements.