Regional Account Manager, National Accounts

Multiple Locations
Required Experience: 0 year(s)
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: Not available
Posted 4 days ago

The Regional Account Manager’s (RAM) main priority is selling and executing Red Bull strategy and initiatives with a set group of Regions, Divisions, or Banners of a specific national chain. Key responsibilities include: owning regional key account volume quotas, spending budgets and results (Distribution, Price, Promotion, and Quality Points of Distribution (QPOD) within chain); developing productive business relationships with assigned accounts; developing solutions that resonate with customer needs while achieving Red Bull goals; and helping drive best practices by producing excellent results and creating innovative solutions. RAMs must also align all regional programming or promotional activity with the overarching chain strategy & Joint Business Plan outlined by the Head of the account. Areas that play to your strengths (all the responsibilities we'll trust you with) Expand all Collapse All Management & Development of Regions/Banners/Divisions of National Account Shelf/Distribution: Executes distribution on priority packages in-line with HQSG (Headquarter Sales Group) recommendations. Ensures all regional/divisional/banner schematics reflect Red Bull standards & chain HQ directives relative to flow and package mix
Price: Aggressively sells Red Bull’s Optimum Price program by utilizing best practices and available tools. Customizes presentations to better appeal to customer’s needs. Recommends key accounts prices aligned with national RBNA standards and target price ranges
  Promotion: Develops annual promotion schedule in accordance with chain HQ goals. Creatively sells Red Bull standards and price points in a way that resonates with the customer’s needs. Ensures all promotions are accompanied by effective POS and incremental displays
Quality Points of Distribution (QPOD): Customizes sales pitch to achieve account goals while driving effective, permanent displays. Evaluates ROI prior to recommending specific POS or customized solutions. 
Executes displays in-line with HQSG channel guidelines

Management & Development of Local Relationships Establishes ‘Wiring Model’ that ensures communication with all regional chain decision makers
Routinely engages in activities to build relationships and ‘wire’ at the regional/division/banner level at assigned chains
Establishes necessary tools and business review templates to ensure Red Bull personnel are reviewing similar data with local Distributor Partners (DPs) to ensure consistency across the Business Units

Budgets/Annual Planning   Ensures Region/Division/Banner compliance with annual Customer Marketing Agreements from chain HQ for all designated areas of responsibility
Manages T&E spending to assigned budget

Business Analysis Works with Head of account to evaluate ROI with regards to all regional/divisional/banner level programming & promotions
Works with Category Management Team to evaluate ROI with regards to ‘pay-for-space’ agreements and communicates key learnings to HQSG
Drives post-promotion analysis, in conjunction with Category, following all programs to evaluate promotional effectiveness
Aggressively pursues business relationships that result in Red Bull obtaining relevant retailer scan data, basket analysis data, etc. that drives future strategy and better understanding of consumer purchase patterns
Analyses thoroughly their business/customers sales to define priorities and focus

Business Reviews & Relationships   Conducts quarterly business reviews to update internal and external stakeholders on business, channel competition, opportunities, etc.
  Proactively shares examples of Red Bull marketing activities to demonstrate key points of difference to competition
  Provides Energy Insights that drive change in promotion, price, or display practices
  Routinely engages in activities to build relationships and ‘wire’ key accounts beyond buyer level

Communication & Team Work Uses appropriate communication processes (i.e. Chain Alerts and/or others) to keep DPs and DPMs informed of regional/divisional/banner level programs and initiatives for their assigned chains
Routinely visits DPs to ensure personal contact and open lines of communication
Maintains open communication with relevant BU & DP personnel to ensure effective program implementation