On Premise Distribution Manager

Multiple Locations
Required Experience: 0 year(s)
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: Not available
Posted 13 days ago

The On Premise Distribution Manager (OPDM) is responsible for driving best in class execution via their distributors as well as developing annual business plans to support long term growth. Key responsibilities include: communicating strategic priorities and associated initiatives; developing annual business plans; setting, tracking and measuring KPI execution; monitoring sales/POS; input /interaction with Red Bull systems (e.g. Business Insights); and best practice sharing. The OPDM ensures implementation of On-Premise account standards; coaches Distributor Partners (DPs) to execute with excellence; provides consistent training to the DP sales force; and develops Monthly Planning Reviews (MPR). Areas that play to your strengths (all the responsibilities we'll trust you with) Expand all Collapse All DRIVING RED BULL NORTH AMERICA (RBNA) STRATEGY AND CREATING ALIGNMENT WITH DISTRIBUTORS Develops communication process to ensure proper alignment and understanding of strategies, initiatives and targets
Continual communication with DP key principals to assess progress against strategy and initiatives
Ensures strong communication of cell and regional initiatives to DP, and ensures appropriate actions are taken to support these initiatives
Establishes communication schedule for National On Premise Account mandates and LTOs
Ensures DPs implement tracking system to monitor progress against targets
Share best practices across the network
Drives best in class execution of annual business plan through distributor

BUSINESS PLAN Delivers clear planning strategy to DPs and provides all necessary planning tools
Develops with the DPs the annual business plans with regards to organization requirements, POS/resource needs, distribution, volume, investments, and KPIs
Partners with Distributor Partner Manager (DPM) and DP on annual business plan development (where applicable)
Consistently communicates with ownership and top management to guarantee alignment
Develops plans with DP during the Monthly Plan and Review (MPR) to course correct and achieve annual business plan

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE Develops deep understanding of responsible market and its characteristics, and supports DP with actionable insights and recommendations
Maintains strong working knowledge of all Red Bull and relevant distributor/branch systems (e.g. Workbench and Collaboration digital work space, MSA, RAS, BI, MDM).
Analyzes monthly reports to find largest areas of opportunity for DP, and uses those insights to guide DP to up-level market conditions
Manages and tracks internal budgets
Has a robust routine to ensure VIP program compliance and return on investment
Understand, analyze, and present MPR on a monthly basis with DP
Holds DPs accountable for data submission into MSA to ensure accurate and timely information

DISTRIBUTOR STRUCTURE AND ACCOUNTABILITY EXPERT Has thorough working knowledge of distributor’s internal systems and structure
Understands distributor’s hierarchy and has relationship from the top-down (from owner to sales representatives)
Clear understanding of the person responsible and accountable for tasks or programs within distributorship
Knowledgeable on reps and area managers pay structure in order to program and hold accountable
Ability to communicate and share best practices from other DPs on structure accountability systems
Manage route account software communication and projects with both RBNA, DP, and MSA

DISTRIBUTOR TRAINING Lead team based training initiatives to develop and support the DP sales team (e.g. Energy Academy, Redbullwingtips.com, Hotel Revenue Hotspot Program)
Provide individual coaching and development of DP work force (e.g. Brand Managers, Account Development Managers, and DP sales force

MISCELLANEOUS Effectively wires with responsible National On Premise Franchise groups and regional chains
Share and enforce guidelines with regards to RBNA’s inventory policy
Provide on-going feedback relative to DP performance against objectives and KPIs
Develops working knowledge of geographic and demographic areas in assigned geography
Develops expertise with regards to product competition and distributor/branch competition in respective area
Communicates regularly and works effectively with all BU sales team and marketing to secure full alignment of the BU goals with the DP