Supervising Producer, Daily News and Serialized Formats

Multiple Locations
Required Experience: 0 year(s)
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: Not available
Posted 6 days ago

The Social Content team is at the center of Red Bull and Red Bull Media House. We create and nurture stories and innovation, which spark authentic connections with consumers all over the world. This role is responsible for taking ideas, trends and real-time stories from pitch to post with the end goal of educating and entertaining fans while creating brand value for Red Bull and Red Bull Media House. The Supervising Producer of Daily Social Content is responsible for being in real time with social conversation, ideating and delivering unique content that keeps Red Bull timely, relevant, and part of the conversation, and creating and executing social formats and series using our unique world and the people within it. Areas that play to your strengths (all the responsibilities we'll trust you with) Expand all Collapse All DAILY CONTENT CREATION Charged with leading daily content conversation based on trending topics, athlete/artist moments, Red Bull events and playgrounds
Identify, ideate, and create daily content that is a part of the social conversation
Partner with Programming and Supervising Producer of Verticals/Tentpoles to up-level vertical content for mainstream audience
Hire and lead contracted editors and creators to produce unique content that stands out on our channels
Brainstorm creative ideas and execution daily in an always on approach to capitalize on world moments in a Red Bull way
Work with Sports Marketing to plug and play athletes into social formats
Align with Comms on major moments to be leaders of social conversations and trends
Own athlete wins and quick turn key moments to keep Red Bull on the pulse and leading conversation
Experience using data-driven analytics to improve and optimize content
Hire creators from the Creator Network based off unique needs for quick diverse social content
Sustain core audience and deliver on the expected
Own a daily content calendar with moments to execute around to reach a broad audience
Execute on Red Bull’s Social Content Strategy to ensure Red Bull’s Content is best in class while meeting ever evolving platform standards 
Ensure consistency of message and brand values across multiple content types and playgrounds while tailoring each piece of content per platform, per audience

CONTENT INNOVATION AND SOCIAL FORMATS Rapid piloting and pursuing of new content ideas based off current zeitgeist that can pay into a longer standing social format
Ideate, create, and own social formats and serialized content
Create unique styles of content by using current technology to be at the forefront of innovation on social platforms
Create robust content plans for social formats to be shared across the organization
Create timely, relevant snack-able social content as well as repeatable formats for our athletes and influencers
Liaison with the Supervising Producer of Verticals to ensure consistency across timely moments within the Red Bull world while
Inspire innovation and creativity in response to the world outside of the Red Bull world to find organic ways to integrate and lead/be present in the social the conversation while producing unique “only Red Bull can do” content
Take risks, while maintaining Red Bull’s high content and legal standards

CROSS FUNCTIONAL LEADERSHIP/COLLABORATION Educate and empower BU producers to execute Serialized Social Formats
Utilize High Performance’s calendar to find content opportunities around athletes in office to test new series
Seek opportunities to extend content and series to a global audience
Work closely with Audience Insights to ensure consumer and platform insights are considered and incorporated into Red Bull’s content
Work closely with digital and social platform partners to ensure Red Bull is always beta testing new content opportunities and is at the forefront of content trends
Create diverse social content around live, VOD, and linear programming for all Red Bull playground and disciplines 
Hold the creative accountable to Red Bull’s content standards and legal guidelines, without it getting in the way of innovation and creativity