Associate Merchant - Hard Goods

Park City Utah

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Job Description
POSITION TITLE: Associate Merchant, Hard Goods

REPORTS TO: Senior Merchant, Hard Goods



The Associate Merchant, Hard Goods works with the Merchandising team to achieve the financial goals of the Hard Goods business:


? Assortment Selection: pricing, category/brand mix, and seasonal selection of inventory for the category

? Vendor Negotiations: discounts, terms, pricing policies, promotional periods, PO compliance and issues management, image use, price-matching, and special/exclusive buys

? PO Management: marks vendor catalogs for SKU/PO worksheet creation, building POs (Qty/Dollar/Style Allocation, Size/Color Breakout) and ensures on time submission to vendors, timely management of PO edits, past dues and carries out all PO type builds and maintenance (Pre-season, ASAP)

? Promotions: Works with Marketing to brainstorm/hindsight Promo concepts and performance and helps to set up the promotional cadence for the category. Picks SKU’s/links and reviews all rules pages. QA promo functionality, review and react to performance, and identify risks in promotional calendar.

? Pricing: Works with the Planner to set the Pre-season pricing strategy, in-line/in-Season pricing (promo periods, price matching, promotional calendar management), manage end of season price-break dates, communicate all in-season and end of season price breaks to marketing team and is responsible for assignment to the promotional calendar.

? Inventory Management: Works with the Planner to establish Preseason PO Receipt Flow, Preseason inventory allocation, set in season sell-through targets, pricing strategy for slow movers, moving aged and toxic inventory, manages Return to Vendor (RTV) and mark-down dollar requests with vendor, and ensures inventory management strategy aligned with company-wide financial goals

? Online Merchandising: reviews/optimizes color thumbnail displayed on PLP and Search pages, oversees the boosting/sort order for responsible brands/categories, sets up Cross Sell/Up Sells tools, manages Backorders, review and optimizes site taxonomy and facets


? 1-3 years of relevant Industry Merchandising and Buying experience (Outdoor experience a plus)

? Willingness and ability to travel to as needed

? Solid foundation of Retail Math and Buying Fundamentals

? Proficient in Microsoft Office (proficiency in Excel a must)

? Excellent organizational skills and extreme attention to detail

? Excellent written and verbal communication skills

? Strong analytical skills

? Outstanding time management skills

? Ability to perform under pressure and prioritize competing tasks/initiatives