Junior Product Developer

Santa Ana California
Required Experience: 2 year(s)
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: $42000.00 - $42000.00 per Year
Posted 10 days ago

Pretty Great is the home of Bonfire, Sessions, Nikita, and Slvdr. We’re looking for a Junior Product Developer to join the team.

The Junior Product Developer plays a key role within the Pretty Great organization and works on a daily basis with the design director, operations manager and product development team to ensure the details of our product development and production are kept on track.

This position requires a high level of organization, communication, attention to detail and problem solving. The Product Coordinator is the key link between Design/Development and Operations to ensure on schedule delivery of product development and accurate.

This position offers a compensation of $42K / year and benefits.


⏵ Collect, organize and input all necessary info about the products being developed.

⏵ Follow a development and production calendar for multiple brands and seasons.

⏵ Follow the entire product life cycle from strategic planning to end delivery.

⏵ Research new and innovative manufacturing processes and materials.

⏵ Understanding of fabric in both usage and content.

⏵ Knowledge of garment fitting.

⏵ Be familiar with the competition and stay abreast of current styling, retail costs and consumer demands.

⏵ Be in constant communication with suppliers and product development partners.

⏵ Provide sales team with the necessary technical expertise to enable them to sell the product in the most effective way.

⏵ Take a scientific approach to decision making rather than an emotional approach.

⏵ Monitor and assess the performance of the company’s manufacturing partners.

⏵ Organize and present product development concepts during line reviews.

⏵ Provide accurate and timely product feedback to developers or suppliers.

⏵ Support sales by presenting products at trade shows or in-house sales events.

⏵ Propose new ideas to improve sales and profitability.

⏵ Assist in the execution of sales meetings and tradeshows.
⏵ Core responsibilities can adjust based on seasonal fluctuations in workload.

Two to Three years in a related product coordinator position. Experience communicating with oversees partners.

Highly Dependable, Exceptional verbal and written communication, Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office, especially Excel as well as Illustrator. Attention to Detail, General interest in the Wintersport and Apparel Market and its related products, Administrative Writing Skills, Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution, Information Analysis, Multi-tasking, Scheduling and Meeting Planning.

Please submit resume and cover letter through Malakye.com