Influencer Partnerships Manager and Content Producer

Los Angeles California
Required Experience: 2 year(s)
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: $60000.00 - $70000.00 per Hour
Posted 2 days ago
Job Description
About us:
We’re an influencer brand development company that partners with major social media influencers and celebrities to launch digital-first (e-commerce) brands and scale them. We’re obsessed with creating high-performing digital marketing campaigns, maximizing retention and revenue, and creating massive value for our influencer partners (as well as our own company) - and having fun while doing it!

About the role:
CreateTribe is looking for a creative, courageous, and highly-motivated Influencer Partnerships Manager and Content Producer to directly manage and expand opportunities for current and new brands and influencers in alignment with greater marketing goals. In a nutshell, you’re a marketing-minded people-person who knows the ins and outs of influencer marketing AND has the technical and creative chops to capture, edit, and create amazing content that resonates with an audience in an authentic way to build and scale brands. You, my friend, are a unicorn.

You’ll be on the constant lookout for new opportunities to get your hands dirty both through engaging content for social and digital offerings as well as fun and novel experiences and events to engage audiences and elicit increased participation and publicity. You’re as much of an executor as you are a strategist.

Additionally, you’ll liaise between brand partners and internal teams, sharing insights to continually optimize our sites and products - in effect optimizing the entire brand experience for our partners and audiences alike. You’ll also provide regular reports on all of your accomplishments to create direct correlations with product and overall brand sales performance, as well as other indirect quantification and qualification metrics via your efforts. Basically, you’re the brand expert who can give the people what they want, and vice versa, make our influencer and celebrity partners (and our team) really happy.

What you'll do:
- Manage day-to-day communications with influencer and celebrity partners and/or their teams and communicate as needed with our internal teams on everything brand and campaign-related
- Develop creative strategies for generating content that transcends the boundaries of “The Norm” and makes other brands think, “hmmm...why didn’t we think of that?”
- Immerse yourself in the worlds of our partners and those who follow them to build a genuine understanding of what will work and what won’t with regard to content and product offerings
- Capture and create original content for social and digital offerings via photo, video, and graphic design
- Work closely with the Director of Marketing on brand content strategy
- Keep our celebrity and influencer partners in the know and excited at all times. Be ready to answer their questions, collaborate on content ideas and creative direction and provide informed suggestions on content that will resonate while maintaining their confidence and sense of excitement for all that we have in the pipeline
- Closely track brand and campaign performance and maintain detailed records to create and deliver reports to our leadership and internal teams and brand partners
- Provide detailed insight and direction to internal teams to continuously optimize sites, ecomm customer experiences and products, and expand monetization opportunities
- Stay on the pulse of what’s happening in pop culture, fashion, content creation, and influencer marketing. Love it, live it, boom

Sound like you? Then…
- Please send your resume and cover letter to
- To help us get a better sense of who you are, what makes you happy, and what you value in an employee experience, please take some time to answer the questions in our applicant survey:
Job Requirements
What you have:
- Solid photography skills. You don’t need to be a professional photographer (though major bonus if you are), but you have access to camera equipment to produce high-quality Instagram-ready photos, might possess iPhone and editing app wizardry,,and might even dabble in photography as a side hustle
- Same with videography ^ (see notes on wizardry)
- Excellent interpersonal skills. People like you. They really, really like you. And maybe you even got that reference. You have a great attitude and sense of humor, are comfortable around high-profile people (we can trust you not to selfie), and are super cool under pressure and when fires arise. You also maintain perspective and are able to help others do the same in chaotic situations or when working on campaigns with lots of moving parts. Basically, you’re the Clooney of Partnership Management. You’re just cool. You get it done. And you make others look great too.
- A can’t-stop-won’t-stop commitment to your brands. You’ll have the support of the team to create a work/life balance that feels good to you, but you understand that brand needs don’t rise and fall with the sun
- Negotiation skills - you can identify opportunity for success and succinctly communicate to all invested parties what makes sense and why, and help reach the best outcomes
- Great writing skills. You’re a solid 7.5 on a scale of 1-10 - you keep it friendly, professional, relatable, and at the end of the day, effective
- Fluent in social media - Instagram, Twitter, FB are your playground
- Proficient or highly-capable of learning tools to track social media posts and analytics
- Comfortable using productivity and PM tools like Slack or Asana on an ongoing basis
- Clean driving record, reliable transportation, and willingness to commute to partners' locations, and handle errands and related tasks
- Problem solver. Magic maker. Brand whisperer (sssshhhhh….)

Some Pluses:
- Multilingual
- Fashion / Styling background
- E-Commerce experience
- HTML/CSS experience
- Internet marketing experience
- Full benefits with full-time employment
- Up to $150 monthly stipend for gym and $100 monthly stipend for cell phone
- Schedule flexibility