Retail Brand Toucan

Los Angeles California
Required Experience: 1 year(s)
Employment Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: $52000.00 - N/A per Year
Posted 12 days ago
Job Description

You love checking boxes and bringing order to chaos. Diving into data and finding actionable insights may seem like a drag to most, but to you it is NIRVANA (the feeling, not the band. Well, actually, the band too, if you are into them!). You are knowledgeable on digital platforms, enjoy working on multiple projects with multiple people, and thrive in a creative and autonomous environment.

Sound like you? Glorious! This role will be tasked with leading all digital and brand initiatives surrounding our Retail Business. You’ll work closely with the digital and sales teams on all projects to grow the goodr brand. So if you love getting sh!t done, the creative process, optimizing conversion rates and AOVs, all while working with some pretty cool peeps, this job is for you.


We’re a young, fast-growing sunglasses company, focused on making sunglasses that follow the four “Fs”: Fun | Fashionable | Functional | Ffordable. We believe that Whiskey Miles and inflatable dino suits are integral parts of any workplace environment. (We also clearly believe in flexible grammatical rules.)


• Contribute to overall digital strategy to drive both customer acquisition and increase customer retention
• Develop and maintain website content
• Analyze consumer data to make informed decisions
• Create unique and engaging content based on customer insights and segmentation
• Set up and maintain automated email campaigns to increase engagement
• Monitor, optimize and report on-site activity and performance
• Maintain the goodr vibes on all platforms
• Work closely with all relevant departments and effectively communicate project status updates.
• Coordinate weekly status meetings with all relevant departments to ensure all parties are aligned


• 1+ year of experience in a similar role
• Proficiency in google applications and Microsoft office as well Slack
• Working knowledge of Shopify, Klaviyo, google analytics, and Creative Suite
• Grade A communicator
• Degree preference - don’t care (bonus points for Basset Hound Science or Dinosaur Law)
• Get on board early with a company that is changing performance eyewear
• The opportunity to have fun and create cool shit every day
• Time for your personal development projects
• Unlimited vacation (seriously!)
• Flexible work environment (want to go for a run at 11am on Tuesday, go for it!)
• Paycheck…obviously
• Medical, Dental, Vision


Submit the following through Malakye:

• Resume
• Short cover email. Not the usual boring corporate thing. We want to “get” you
• Demonstrate value in a creative way (how can you show us your chops beyond just sending us a resume?)
• Links to projects or groups you’re involved with (if you have them)
• A drawing of an octopus fighting a pirate (not joking)