Athlete Field Marketer

Multiple Locations
Required Experience: 0 year(s)
Employment Type: Part-Time
Salary Range: Not available
Posted 5 days ago

The Athlete Field Marketer will seek out, attend, and share Skratch Labs products at 2-3 athletic events per week in your local community. These events could be group rides, fundraiser runs, soccer tournaments, pilates classes, etc. – anywhere where endurance athletes are gathering and sweating -- and you can be supportive with our products and nutrition guidance.

Role Responsibilities:

⏵ Identify 3 events per week in your local athlete community where 15-50 athletes are gathering; connect with the event organizer and gain approval to support the event

⏵ Attend events, facilitating positive consumer interactions by supporting fellow athletes with Skratch Labs products and nutrition guidance

⏵ Share Skratch Labs products, stickers, coupons, and collect email addresses

⏵ Manage sampling supplies, including cooler, products, ice, stickers, etc.

⏵ Gather consumer feedback and share back with Skratch Labs HQ

⏵ Attend a 3-day real-world training at a large-scale Field Marketing Event with Skratch (i.e. Sea Otter, Dirty Kanza, etc.). Travel and expenses paid for by Skratch Labs.

About You:
I am a ball of extroverted energy and I can make friends with complete strangers in minutes. I am an endurance athlete through and through and can be found most weekends doing fun runs, group rides, backcountry ski runs, or epic climbs. I am deeply entrenched in the athlete community with a great network of active friends and contacts. I love supporting others through their training, races, or quests for new PRs and I’m known to be a fountain of advice and encouragement. I know Skratch Labs and believe in its mission and products. I can speak intelligently about performance nutrition. I’m also highly organized and I have a brain for planning – envisioning event success, breaking it down into steps, tasks, and roles, being proactive, keeping track of supplies, and following through.

Role Requirements:

⏵ 1-3 years experience attending endurance athletic events

⏵ Strong understanding of athlete nutrition and athlete nutrition products

⏵ Passion for creating memorable consumer interactions

⏵ Highly organized with the ability to manage logistics

⏵ Ability to work autonomously and resourcefully; able to think on the fly and create solutions with what’s at hand

⏵ Be physically able to lift and move up to 50 pounds. Position requires movement of product cases, booth supplies, etc.

⏵ Reliable transportation and ability to travel within 50 miles of your home

⏵ Average of 40-50 Hours per Month, May-October