Sales Operations Manager

FutureStitch Inc

San Clemente California

2 year(s)

Job Description
The Sales Operations Manager will be responsible for supporting and enabling frontline sales teams to sell more efficiently and effectively. This role will align planning, forecasting, production, and product development initiatives for further sales effectiveness. To do this the Sales Operations Manager will facilitate the communication with domestic and international cross functional teams, and own the integration and adoption of CRM platforms, data management, reporting, task automation, SLA’s and KPI’s. The Sales Operations Manager will be the central hub for customer on-boarding, setting up internal best practices and implementation of central resource centers for multiple business verticals within the company.

Key Characteristics:
• Entrepreneurial – Passion for learning and for continuous improvement. Sets initiatives and assumes tolerable levels of risk without constant direction or leadership.
• Driven – A track record of excellence in everything you do. Consistently under-commits and over-delivers on expectations.
• Detail Oriented – Makes a conscious effort to understand causes instead of only effects. High accuracy rate of information with very little error.
• Empathetic – Humble in communication and treatment of others. Identifies with the needs and problems of our customers and leads with conviction.
• Strategic – Sets vision and creates long-term goals to achieve it.

• Manage customer account setup, quotes, purchase orders, sales invoices, and other inquiries.
• Process purchase orders and maintain order book.
• Support pre and post sales inquiries over the phone and via email, in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.
• Assist the operations manager in creating project calendars. Help maintain, organize, and optimize the go-to-market process.
• Work cross-functionally with domestic and international product teams including production, development, logistics, accounting, and assist cross-functional teams in executing OEM and licensing projects.
• Manage orders within the ERP system, including data entry and data update. Fulfill sales orders with EDI.
• Maintain documentation on sales processes, policies and relevant sales reporting.
• Attend sales and operations meetings as the scribe responsible for summarizing such meetings.
• Support daily operations of a sales team, provide weekly updates. Coordinate with sales team on lead generation efforts.
• Help the management team to understand the current status of various projects, anticipate the future consequences, and plan necessary actions accordingly.
• Be familiar with our operations strategy and constantly seek ways to improve the process to drive efficiencies and savings. Provide actionable insights to help drive optimal business decisions.
• Perform a variety of other administrative and data entry tasks as needed.

• Q4 2020 – Establish all customer on-boarding processes, and processes with overseas product teams including product development, production, and logistics. The goal is to achieve 100% on time delivery and customer satisfaction. Undesirable sales operations experience (e.g. miscommunication) is one of the causes of customer churn, which must be limited to 1 time per customer per season.
• Q1 2021 – Become the internal expert of the Future Stitch ERP & CRM system. Process must be established to ensure cross functional teams to properly use the system and after that any questions and issues will be solved within 2 days. The Sales Ops Manager is responsible for data accuracy and quality which should be maintained at 99% accurate.
• Q2 2021 – Ensure the Future Stitch 3PL is fully operational and prepared to take on inventory for licensed customers. The goal is to have seamless integration between 3PL and the ERP & CRM system, which should reduce our logistics cost by 30%, increase the on-time-delivery rate by 30%.
• Q3 2021 – Coordinate sales forecasting, planning, and budgeting processes for each business vertical. Monitor and maintain high levels of quality in the sales team’s planning and analytics efforts. Sales forecast should be within 20% variance 3 months ahead. Inventory days should continue to improve for existing customers.
• Q4 2021 – Analyze all 2021 processes and platform implementations, and provide insights/suggestions for 2022 strategies and new processes

Performance Measurements:
• Customer Satisfaction (deliveries, account set up, communication, reporting)
• On time delivery rate
• Data accuracy rate
• Forecast accuracy rate
• Number of inventory days
• Achieving agreed upon KPI’s

• Project management skills: familiar with the product operations process; oversees and maintain calendars; ability to solve problems and meet deadlines
• Customer relationship skills: manage customer expectations; ability to resolve conflicts; help with sales opportunities and draw in customers
• Analytical skills: analyze large sets of sales and operations data; review processes to identify areas of improvement and opportunity to increase efficiency
• Planning skills: recognize trends and foreshadow trends in the future
• Organizational and multitasking skills: ability to focus and prioritize
• Entrepreneurial mindset: wear multiple hats at the same time; handle chaos while increasing productivity
• Strong work ethics - ability to take something and “run with it”
• Fluent in Mandarin
• Ability to work at night
• Bachelor Degree or currently pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, IS, Finance, or Supply Chain
• Extraordinary ability to work and communicate well with customers and all levels of staff and management
• Experience with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, EDI, and/or Asana are all major pluses
• Knowledge in Textile products, product development, logistics, importing and exporting is a plus