Company Q & A 7/12/2004

Podium Distribution

Podium Distribution

What are the first things you look for when a resume is submitted for your openings listed on Malakye?

Formatting is important, if we can’t read or understand someone’s resume then it’s a bad start.  Beyond that, there are a few key attributes we look for in a resume anytime we’re hiring:

·         Education.  Applicants need to have education (or comparable experience) within the position we’re hiring for

·         Experience within our industry, or within a particular profession (i.e. – accounting industry for accounting positions)

·         Skill set that enables he / she to do the job

·         Duration of employment.  A red flag goes up if a person’s had 5 jobs in the last two years.  But it’s different for people who are just starting out.


What is your feeling about people who apply for jobs which they obviously don’t qualify for?  Or apply to multiple openings at once?

Not interested.  It’s an annoyance if a person applies for Design jobs and she / he is an Accounting person. They basically get black listed because it’s a waste of time and also creates a lot of doubt in our minds that the person is suitable for either. 


How relevant are the Responsibilities & Requirements of your job descriptions?  Does a person need to meet all, or almost all, of your specifics to be considered for an opening?

Very relevant.  That’s why we invest time in building job descriptions.  We look for most to all of the requirements & expectations to be met of them.  An occasional exception is when a resume is highly recommended from someone who is known to the company.


What is the basic process you go through when job opportunities open up?

We develop a job description.  We then decide if someone can be promoted within or if we have to go outside the company to hire someone.  If we do hire from outside the company there is a basic process:

  • Collect resumes, review based on criteria mentioned above and select a group for phone interviews.
  • We’ll narrow down the group based on phone interviews and call people in for an in-person interview
  • Possible second round interview
  • Make a hire


What can job seekers expect in interviews?

Expect to first insure what’s on your resume is correct.  We do reference checks, and if your references don’t check out then you won’t get called for an in-person interview.  A lot of people will build themselves up in an interview and if things don’t turn out as someone says, that’s it – done. 


An interview is really a give & take process.  It’s important for people to be confident of course, but also to be candid. 


A person needs to be able to answer questions, as well as ask them.  At the end of a good interview we usually ask if they have any questions about the position or the company. Those who do have relevant questions show they’ve done their homework and it helps us to know that they really want the job.


And a favorite question to finish with is, “what do you really want to do?”


What is the worst mistake someone can make, or has made, in an interview?

Falsifying information.  For example, recently a person came interviewing for an Accounting position was asked to complete a simple Microsoft Excel test so we could make a skills assessment.  This person ended up not being able to complete the first step and responded by saying, “this Excel is different than the one I have at home”.


We want interviewees to be focused on their responses to the questions asked as it doesn’t leave a good impression if the interviewee answers the same question three different ways in one response.


What can job seekers do to increase the chance of employment with your company?

Be well prepared.  Be qualified.  Understand the job description and responsibilities, and if you don’t have that yet, start working on it.  Become an intern.  Go to an entry level company.


What else would you like job seekers to know about your company?

Sometimes people come in and they know nothing about the company.  We like people to have a general knowledge of our company, our industry and not just want a job.  Some people that interview haven’t looked at our website, or tried to figure out any basic information.


Do you offer Internships?  How would someone apply?

We’ve done internships, but we don’t have an established program.  When we do occasionally open internships we look for candidates who will be completing a degree / program and will turn into fulltime employees at the end of a 90 or 120 day period.


How important is it for a candidate applying to a design job to provide samples with application, or an easy way for you to view samples (i.e. – link to portfolio website)?

Really important.  And it’s also really important to know exactly what the person is responsible for within any one portfolio piece.


What about people who live out of the immediate area (i.e. – require relocation)?

We bring in people from out of town.  Typically we bring people in from outside the local area for positions that are more senior within the company or are really specialized.


Day to day, what is it like working at your company?

We have a relaxed working atmosphere, but we expect top performance from all of our employees and consistent drive to keep us moving in the right direction