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K2 Snowboarding Product Testing Women’s Alliance

September 29, 2004

K2 Snowboarding Stacks New Women’s Alliance with Top Shredding, Product Testing and Marketing Talent

VASHON ISLAND, Wash. (September 23, 2004) –
It’s never been an easy task putting five women in a room to discuss things they are opinionated and passionate about.   Chances are things may get ugly.  This summer, K2 Snowboarding took their chances with the creation of the Women’s Alliance.  Five women, differing in age, style, personality, profession and background, have been recruited to drive the look, feel, and performance for K2’s women’s products.   Each representing a demographic within snowboarding, the Alliance will help K2 develop products for the girls that are super aggressive or just beginning.


The Alliance team was selected based on riding performance, knowledge, sense of style, age and geographic location.  “Women are so diverse in tastes and preferences when it comes to product and style.  We wanted to make sure every woman can get what they want, so the gear they use will improve their performance, confidence and fun on snow,” said Danielle Hambleton, K2 Snowboarding Marketing Coordinator.  “These ladies come from different mountains across the US and they all view shredding from a different perspective.  Together, they bridge the majority of demographics covering the women’s snowboarding market.”


The Ladies:


Eva Bonner, 27.  Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ.


Representing the East side, Eva works as the Media Production and Design Coordinator at Intrawest’s Mountain Creek Resort.   In resort operations Eva is able to keep up with the latest trends, styles and happenings while still having the privilege to “snowboard at lunch.” When she isn’t working she helps manage the K2 regional team and mentors young aspiring snowboarders. 

Eva is energy, passion, skill and dedication all wrapped into one little package. 


“I’m so excited to be part of the Alliance team!  Together we’ve already been so involved in developing the best women’s snowboarding equipment.  With all of the ladies I see up at the mountain, it’s great that a company wants to gather a team of diverse women to help represent a women’s perspective.  In the Alliance we help perfect everything in the women’s line from size, fit, shape, even color.  The Alliance is already a HUGE success.  We test, review, discuss and do it all over again.  Each woman has a totally different size and shape and deserves the right equipment that will help us push snowboarding to the next level!  Boys watch out!”  - Eva


Wendy Woodward, 45.  Sugar Bowl, Auburn, CA.


Riding for 15 years, Wendy has been involved in snowboarding since 1988, when she opened her shop, BoardsNMotion in Auburn, CA.  Wendy lives and breathes this industry on a daily basis and has seen snowboarding become what it is today.  As a retailer and buyer, Wendy is tapped into the wants and needs for women’s equipment. She has worked hard and built a business from the ground up around what she loves.  Who can argue with that?


 “The Alliance has the potential to attract many more women into snowboarding. We are a diverse group with the ability to convince a wide range of existing riders, as well as new participants to try and buy K2 products. Through advertising and graphics we can stand alone as the number one women’s driven brand. The Alliance is the only organized women’s group in snowboarding to just promote the sport to women.” - Wendy


Elizabeth Pierce, 25.  Crystal Mountain, Seattle WA.


Working as a sales manager for the Fortune 500 Company, Pitney Bowes, Liz is able to make a living that will support the snowboard lifestyle she loves.  Liz has been riding for 8 years, and spends her days in the Northwest backcountry.  At 5’ 10” and riding the Disciple, one of our stiffest and most aggressive boards in the line, Liz represents a core of women that can’t always find women’s specific product to keep up with them. 


“I am so excited to be part of a team and working with a company that has so much interest and commitment to furthering Women’s snowboarding.  The Alliance Team will give the women’s snowboarding program real feedback from real riders with regular lives, not 100% dedicated to snowboarding.  All of us come from different backgrounds and have very different lives and I am confident that as a group we appeal and relate to a large sector of the women’s snowboarding population.” - Liz


Kalyn Lepre, 16.   Mammoth Lakes, CA.


A true mountain girl, Kalyn has been snowboarding since she was 12 and grew up in the quintessential snowboard resort, Mammoth Mountain.  Where rock stars are created and trends are born, Kalyn doesn’t only offer insight on women’s products, but the culture surrounding the sport.  Always rockin the latest styles, Kalyn’s riding skills and personality offer us a truly original female perspective.


“Revolutionary.  K2 has constructed a group of ladies so diverse and rad that I know we can actually make the change from men’s product to women’s. Made specifically for girls, ladies, rippers, tramps, shortys, G units, sweet thangs, snowbunnys... you name it type of women. Truly a new era for ladies riding.” - Kalyn


Gretchen Bleiler, 23.  Aspen, CO.


Last but not least, Gretchen Bleiler, one of the biggest names in professional snowboarding.  On the K2 pro team, Gretchen knows the brand’s boards, boots and bindings better than anyone, providing feedback until the product is completely dialed on all levels.  At this years Transworld Rider’s Poll, Gretchen was honored with the “Female Reader's Choice” award. This is the big one, voted on by over 10,000 subscribers to TWS, and proof that she is the people's choice for hottest female snowboarder around!


“Everyone has ideas, not everyone is able to make something of these ideas.  K2 has combined women from every aspect and walk of snowboarding to create an environment where these ideas can be voiced, picked apart, altered and fine-tuned.  Eventually making some of these ideas reality.  What happens in the Alliance is truly original, leading to some of the newest, progressive women’s product out there.”  - Gretchen


So there you have it.  Five ladies that are dedicated to the progression of women’s snowboarding and getting what they want!  They deserve it and so do all the female shredders out there.  Combined with an in-house crew of women that consist of a marketing manager, graphic designer, board engineer, outerwear designers and dealer service reps, the K2 Snowboards women’s program is about to get very exciting!  Check out the ladies at  The proof is in the product.