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Army of Game Changers - Advice from a lifelong punk, Jim Lindberg

May 10, 2018

Vipe Desai’s Army of Gamechangers show is a weekly conversation with a guest who’s professional and personal life offers something special to share with our community. Subscribe to the podcast here.

Army of Gamechangers is a weekly podcast hosted by Vipe Desai, Founder and CEO of HDX Hydration Mix. “Over the past few years the number of people reaching out to me seeking career, leadership and startup advice has been steadily growing,” said Vipe Desai, Host of the AoG podcast and CEO of HDX Hydration Mix. “The Army of Gamechangers podcast is a natural extension to bring insights and advice to more people so they can go farther, move faster and be presented with many more opportunities. I’m going to reach deep into my network and interview leaders from across a variety of industries to share their best career and leadership advice.”

This episode features Jim Lindberg.  As the front-man of iconic punk band Pennywise, author, business man, dad and husband Lindberg has experienced signficant success across the board.  His advice and perspective is something you won't find in a book, and his story is proof hard work and dedication goes a long way.  Give this a minute and the story will open up.  I certainly was impressed and enjoyed it.  PRESS PLAY.