Industry News 9/27/2018

The Cabin Report

How about a little inspiration for you? Here’s the story: two friends buy a cabin in No Cell Service, Utah, build a skatepark, put a truck-powered rope tow on a hill for snow laps in the winter, track for mountain biking in the summer, and who knows what else is out there. I think you need an invite to find out. Why share it? Because it’s a great example of the power of an idea, and the will to execute. Check out episode 1 of The Cabin Report, below, and follow this link to see more of them.

The cabin report is a glimpse into the life of snowboarders, Chris Grenier and Alex Andrews as the they turn their childhood dreams into reality. Watch as they transform their simple cabin, into a solar powered, "off the grid", action sports compound. Filmed and edited by Loren Brinton.