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Propaganda Headquarters is Official Agency for dotMP, a Complete Mobile Content Platform

December 16, 2004

Propaganda Headquarters is Official Agency for dotMP, a Complete Mobile Content Platform

December 16, 2004 (Laguna Beach, CA) - Propaganda Headquarters, an Orange County based youth marketing agency, announced the recent addition of dotMP, the mobile domain name and mobile content platform provider, to its portfolio of clients.

Propaganda HQ recently harnessed dotMP and launched its mobile trend report at PHQ.MP ( which allows marketers to access information about trends on their mobile phones and wireless devices.

"For months our street detectives had been snapping photos from their mobile phones and then uploading them to the PHQ.MP mobile site with complete ease," said Vipe Desai, President of Propaganda HQ. "Nearly half a billion people have Internet access on their mobile phones and dotMP provides the perfect tool for publishing mobile content and reaching this huge audience."

"The dotMP platform is not only an entertaining platform for personal use. Businesses can also create compelling content for consumers to access on their mobile phones." said Rob Farrow, Saipan DataCom's Marketing Director. "The digital mobile youth consumer is one our most important target demographics and Propaganda HQ delivers experience and reach with this sector that few other companies can match."

About Propaganda Headquarters, Inc.

Located in Laguna Beach, Calif., Propaganda HQ is a youth marketing agency that creates original concepts, promotions and events that reach young, active consumers. Since 2001, the company has served as a bridge between corporations and the action sports and music markets. We believe that for strategies to be successful, you must first capture the hearts of consumers, and then their behavior will follow. You have to INFORM, INFLUENCE, INSTIGATE, INCITE and INSPIRE them into action. For more information, please log on to

About dotMP

dotMP is the Complete Mobile Content Platform and requires no programming or site authoring. dotMP mobile sites are automatically generated at the completion of domain registration. dotMP CS (Commercial Site) provides businesses with their own .mp domain names and their own Mobile Sites and Management Interface for publishing mobile content. dotMP PS (Personal Site) provides consumer users with their own .mp domain name and their own Web site, Mobile Site, and Email. dotMP is offered by Saipan DataCom, Inc., a Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) Corporation. The Company has been the administrator and registry for the .mp Internet top-level domain since 1996.