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Loaded Boards Announces Electric Skateboard Partnership with Unlimited Engineering

July 12, 2019

Loaded Boards has announced today the launch of their newest line of products: an electric skateboard conversion kit via the Unlimited brand. Loaded is providing three new electric skateboard kits via the Unlimited x Loaded brand. The electric kits can then be applied to any skateboard. Loaded is also providing fine tuned complete skateboards with the kits using their Icarus, Omakase, and Basalt Tesseract decks. The DIY electric conversion kit is the first of its kind, breaking new ground in the e-board industry. The Unlimited x Loaded kits are available for purchase at retail locations worldwide, and online via the Unlimited x Loaded site.

One of the unique features of this system is the ability to apply it to any skateboard. So if you have a favorite board you'd like to use that's an option, or go all in and treat yourself to one of the finely curated setups using Loaded, Paris, and Orangatang components.

“Our goal as a brand has always been to grow the action sports market as a whole (as opposed to viewing it as a fight for market share). What drew us to the Unlimited product, aside from the general performance and the stellar team, are a number of innovative features that we feel will help grow and expand e-boarding in new directions. Included in this is the ability to electrify any skateboard so as to retain the skate feel and to promote numerous brands and styles. Additionally, the ability to fine tune your ride to your personal preferences (acceleration, deceleration and max speed) is mind blowing!” says Loaded’s Founder & CEO, Don Tashman.

Unlimited and Loaded Boards joined forces in 2018. Unlimited and Loaded now function as a unified entity, with Unlimited driving the electrical and software development and Loaded driving the mechanical development, marketing, sales, and worldwide distribution.

Through this partnership, Loaded and Unlimited intend to help build and strengthen the global e-skate community and influence urban planning for the future of micro-mobility. “We feel that the passion and capabilities of the Unlimited team will allow us to explore uncharted and important new directions in e-skate and alt-transportation in general,” says Tashman.

Here’s the breakdown of components to each kit:


The Unlimited Solo Kit: The Unlimited Solo Kit is the lightest electric skateboard drivetrain available.

  • Light. Powerful. Upgradeable.
  • One Motor. One Battery.
  • Fits nearly any truck and deck.
  • Ideal for decks under 33”.
  • Four riding modes.
  • User-tunable settings via the mobile app for speed, acceleration and braking.
  • Airline friendly.
  • Top-shelf components including a custom designed motor, carbon plate and Orangatang Wheels.