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“Modernization” of NEPA Threatens Building Blocks of Healthy Environment and Policy for All Americans -- Action Needed Now

June 9, 2020

Help stop the gutting of the National Environmental Policy Act, the cornerstone of science-based environmental legislation since 1969.

Boise, Idaho (For Immediate Release): Last Thursday, as the nation grappled with needless deaths of black Americans coinciding with a global pandemic, the Trump Administration utilized “emergency authorities” to waive the National Environmental Policy Act for pipelines, mines and chemical plants. The New York Times reported on the topic as the administration cited the pandemic as his key to rolling back two critical pieces of environmental legislation.

In 1969, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) was created by Congress as a way of bringing science, along with the public voice, into major decision making on issues that affected the American people’s health and public land.