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RAEN Announces New Ambassador: Josie Prendergast

June 25, 2020

California based independent eyewear brand, RAEN, is proud to announce their newest Brand Ambassador, Josie Prendergast.

Few surfers have a style and grace like surfer, Josie Prendergast. It comes through in everything she does, whether she’s elegantly gliding on remote waves in the Mentawai’s or just hanging on shore with her family. She’s got a heart of gold and a passion for people, spending much of her time working with nonprofits in the Philippines that give children better schooling, improved health, and yes, surfboards.

Originally born in Siargao, Philippines, she moved to Byron Bay when she was 4 and the ocean has been a vital part of her effortless flow ever since. When she’s on a longboard, her poise and artistry is truly one of a kind, transforming the simple act of logging into an awe-inspiring dance across the water. We’re excited to have her part of the RAEN family.

See RAEN's Q&A with their newest ambassador here: