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Let’s Ditch Cover Letters and Replace with Intros

July 7, 2020

If you have to use a cover letter, this is the approach to take. The approach outlined below is relevant to people launching a career as well as industry veterans who’ve been around a long time. We’re going to help you find comfort, and an effective approach, in something that might feel very foreign. Let’s be a little less formal and call it an intro letter instead of a cover letter. Because when you apply to a job you’re introducing yourself as person they should seriously consider.

As efficiently and concisely as possible your purpose is to:

1. Tell the reader you’re qualified for the specific job and get him / her to look at your resume to back up your claim.

2. Make it clear you want to join this specific company. (It is so easy to press delete when the brand name you include doesn’t match the brand name being recruited for.)

3. Address any potential red flags / reasons to pass on you – the two easiest examples to point out are your location and compensation. If you don’t live within a commutable distance, be sure to state you’re aware of that and are ready to locate. If you look more expensive than the budget for the job, find a way to address it.

4. If any specific information is asked for, include it. Don’t skip over it. If they want a salary range, give it to them. If you’re making $100K / year you’re not going to work for $50K / year anyway so just put it down and let the chips fall where they may.

5. If you can make their lives easier with relevant info, include it. For example, include 3 solid references with name, relationship, email, and phone, and let them know these references are aware someone might call.

6. DO NOT – include fluff of any kind. This is especially relevant to the people just entering the workforce. Stick to the point.

This is how to kick ass and stand out from the pack. Do it consistently and it will help, and it will definitely make you feel proud of your process.

Here’s an example of how easy you can catch someone’s eye: 

Hey [Company Name],

I am really excited to see you’re hiring for [Position Title]. I’ve always been interested being a part of the [Company Name] team, and I’ve been doing similar work at [your past employers] for [X number of years]. My resume will show you I’m a good fit for the position.

I’m currently located in [City, State] and know you’re located in [City, State]. Relocating isn’t a problem and here’s why:___________.

You asked for compensation: the range I’m targeting is____________.

To make it easier to get to know me, here are three references who you can check in for a little background:

I’ll be standing by waiting for your response and would love a chance to interview.


[Your Name]
[Your Current Job Title or Short Description of your Profession]