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2020 Speaker Series With Vans Global Brand President Doug Palladini

July 27, 2020

The first episode in our digital 2020 Speaker Series features a conversation with Vans Global Brand President Doug Palladini. Hosted by industry veteran Rob Campbell from GroupY, Doug shares a comprehensive update on one of the world’s most successful brands. You’ll get insight on the overall state of business, including the e-commerce spike and how resources have been deployed to support a long-term strategy. Hear about Vans’ pandemic response and what specific steps have been taken to ensure the well-being of employees, like continuing to pay those working retail in full until stores reopen.

Find out how Vans has adapted quickly and found ways to execute effectively with a remote workforce. Since sending workers home from US headquarters in March, the brand continues to engage with its fans and enable creative expression through initiatives like Bouncing Off The Walls and The Shoebox Challenge, while also introducing innovative new programs like Foot The Bill, which directs profits from customized designs to valued partners.

Doug explains why Vans has taken such a strong stance in the movement for social justice, outlining what is being done now and plans for continued long-term support. He also shares examples of what strong leadership looks like in today’s environment.

“Consumers will more and more want to align themselves with brands that they feel a deep and emotional connection to,” says Doug. Click the video above to watch this relevant and insightful interview.