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Be The Hunted

October 13, 2020

As a follow up to our article on Being The Hunter when it comes to finding a new job / job opportunity, we’re going to the other side to focus on being hunted. It’s not always a bad idea to make yourself a target. When it comes to finding your next opportunity it proves to be an effective and useful endeavor.

Company representatives, recruiters, hiring managers spend a lot of time working to find the right person. While they’re advertising jobs and fielding response, they’re also proactively hunting people down. Here are some useful tips to put make yourself visible and end up in the middle of their crosshairs.

The most influential criteria in being found are: current or most recent job title, companies you’ve worked for, and location. You’re at the top of the list if a recruiter is looking for someone with your current or recent job title, you’ve worked for a very similar company, and are located within commuting distance. This does change and the harder it is to find someone with the right experience the less important location and similar company become. But it’s a good benchmark to use.

With that in mind, you can up your likelihood of being a target by:

1. Job Titles – make sure it’s as accurate and common as possible. Here’s a good example using Footwear Designer. If your last position was Footwear Designer II, it’s probably okay to leave off the Level 2 designation because people are not going to be searching with the “II”. It’s also important to use the word Footwear and not just Designer. If someone’s searching for a Footwear Designer, that will be the number one term guiding his / her search.

2. Your Location – we recommend making sure you have your zip code, city, and state included in your profiles because recruiters are often using a zip code and search radius around it to find people. We DO NOT recommend putting your street address (or phone number) anywhere publicly visible. And if you have a resume file that it’s included on, make sure that file is set to private.

3. Professional Summary – this is a great place to be the professional you. A balance between what you do and who you are. It can be a stumper too. Writing about ourselves is sometimes a challenge. Here’s an example that can help you get started, “Accounting professional with X years of experience in these focused areas of my profession and experience in these industries who likes to show up on time, work hard, and always looking for ways to improve. When I’m not crushing numbers you’ll find me in salt water or on a golf course.”

4. Skills – it’s always a good idea to include wherever you can the hard skills and expertise associated with your work. Whether it’s Excel, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Rhino, any other software

5. Profile Image and Background image – they don’t say a picture is worth a 1000 words for nothin’. At Malakye, we’re very big on giving the individual an opportunity to showcase his or her identity. You have room for a massive background image and right-size profile picture. If you’re not one that likes a traditional profile image, consider using something to represent you like a symbol, solid color, snippet of nature, or whatever you think of. It is important to have something there because it helps your profile look active, current, and not abandoned. If a recruiter thinks it’s abandoned s/he is not likely to contact you.

That’s it! Put a HUGE target on your back by filling out your Malakye profile and get found!

Until next time.