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RAEN Welcomes New Ambassador Michael February  

October 26, 2020

Oceanside, CA - RAEN, a California-based premium eyewear brand that’s dedicated to craftsmanship and creativity, is excited to announce their newest Ambassador: Mikey February. The South African surfer is the perfect addition to their eclectic team of artists and athletes that continue to break boundaries with their free-spirited styles, vibrant personalities, and remarkable talents.  

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Mikey has had surfing in his blood from birth, thanks to a supportive family of creatives that empowered him to stay true to his roots while chasing waves with an unmistakable flow and originality. While Mikey is incredible to watch in the water, it’s what he does on land that’s truly inspiring for surfers and non-surfers alike, as he continues to uplift and support local communities and at-risk youth through the non-profit Waves of Change and Juju - a charity started by him and his wife to highlight all the different surf initiatives and organizations in Africa.

With his passion for people, love of creativity, and one-of-a-kind African surf aesthetic, Mikey is a natural fit for the RAEN family. As RAEN continues to refine and perfect their handcrafted eyewear, Mikey’s talents and community-minded vision will help further the brand’s global outreach and push REAN into bold new directions.
"When we set out to build the RAEN family, our goal was to celebrate the creative journey with similar-minded comrades. Michael February's unique style and flow is so inspiring – both in and out of the water – and we're ecstatic to collaborate and partner with him." -  JUSTIN HEIT, CO-FOUNDER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR

“Mikey’s poise is his performance, like light humming and flickering. Exploring each wave with delicate tension, an astronaut exploring out of their space capsule for their first time over and over.” - ALEX KNOST, RAEN AMBASSADOR

Welcome to the family, Mikey!