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Adidas /We Collaboration

April 19, 2005

adidas / We collaboration

Herzogenaurach, September 2nd , 2004 –
… Leave your preconceptions about designer collaborations behind and discover the fun of friendship, trust and honesty among two equally passionate and creative brands. “Working with WE was a perfect fit. adidas Originals and WE are both contemporary street wear companies with roots in the skate lifestyle market. Although we are not core skate brands, we connect to the community through cutting edge fashion, history and ideas. The fact that the managing director of WE Greger Hagelin, and I happen to be old friends, made it even more enjoyable to share in this project.” says adidas Director of Sport Heritage Ben Pruess. The result is a brilliantly original limited collection; an intriguing fusion of the Trefoil, the 3 Stripes, the WE icon and the world famous Swedish crayfish pattern.Greger Hagelin adds ”I have respected adidas all my life. Their passion for technical development in sport and today also in fashion is inspirational. Besides that some of my big idols were and still are wearing adidas. Working with adidas Originals has been a really good time and we feel that they are part of our Superlative Conspiracy”. The limited collection consists of in total eleven footwear and apparel pieces for both men and women and will be available through a selected distribution channel. Highlight pieces are the old French sailing shoe Compas and the reversible Leisure suit. Both are foreseen of the traditional crayfish patterns and the adidas 3 Stripes. adidas’ Global Creative Director Michael Michalsky puts it like this:

“A very exciting cooperation! Passionate, strong and most of all, contemporary. A competent way of sharing the same philosophy. If you’ve seen and done a lot, if you share a solid passion for craftmanship and if you respect the past while looking towards the future, you will appreciate this pure collection.”