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Artec Art Project Contest

April 24, 2005

“… AND THE WINNER IS …” - winning designs selected of the ARTEC ART CONTEST 04/05.

Back in November 2004, Elan Snowboards launched the Artec Project Art Contest. We were asking all creative creatures out there to come up with their own favorite board graphics for a custom made deck. Now, after receiving more than 300 submissions and a detailed evaluation by Aleksi Vanninen, we are proud to present the 3 winners and the top ten designs.

Aleksi Vanninen, our long-time International Team rider, was chosen to be the head judge of this Art Contest since he has an in-depth design background being involved in various projects such as lately, designing the AV LTD board. At the end of a thourough evaluation session, Aleksi went for the following boys to be put into the spot light:

1st place: Chris Janetzki from Germany.
Chris wins a custom- made AV LTD. He will be able to put his own
graphics on his personlized AV LTD by himself in the Elan factory.
Watch out: We will follow up the story on the Elan Snowboards website.
2nd place: Martin Sanne Kristiansen from Norway.
3rd place: Wimer Hazenberg from The Netherlands.

You can check out the top ten designs at: www.elansnowboards.comand Aleksi’s limited edition board AV LTD info at