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Real, Useful, Effective Job Search Dos & DONTs

November 17, 2020

It’s our hope you’re not often on the job hunt and when you are, you have a solid and reliable foundation to work from in how you approach the hunt. Job hunting isn’t your profession so it’s natural whether you’re just starting out or you have 20 years under your belt to need a reliable source of information. That’s the intent we work from in sharing a timeless and universally relevant list of DOs and DONTs to help keep you focused on productive pursuits and away from activity that’s a waste of your time and not productive.

1. DO – be honest and real with yourself to set yourself up for success. Understand what you’re looking for also needs to match up what an employer is looking for. And if that doesn’t line up, keep on looking (for example, you live in Portland and want the job in LA but the company has 3 really qualified people in LA and wants to hire local – there’s nothing you can do about that).

2. DO NOT – waste your time barking up the wrong tree. Check this article out for making an honest assessment of your fit for a job when reviewing a job description for more detail on that. Basically, by being pragmatic you’ll increase your likelihood of getting a response to an application and can feel better about what you’re doing.

3. DO – follow directions if they’re provided. You’d be amazed how many people completely ignore requests that are specified in a job posting. Why do they ignore it? “Putting an application in just to see” or “Not sure if I’m a fit but giving it a shot”…and the list goes on. Following directions will put you ahead of at least 50% of applicants, before even looking at qualifications.

4. DO NOT – allow yourself to make silly mistakes, such as copying and pasting a cover letter you used for a different company and forgetting to change out the company name. That one right there is a laughable, and common offense.

5. DO – move with specific intent in a way that values your time as well as the receiver’s time. If you’re not fully invested into it, then why should the other person be invested into it? If you’re not fully committed to an application, it’s a waste of time because there will be other people in the mix who are fully committed and they’ll come out ahead.

This list can go on and there is a lot more that can be included, if you like what you read here, let us know and we’ll feature the article again and add more to the list.

Have a great day.

Team Malakye