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Liberty Fairs Partners with LA Men’s Market for Virtual Tradeshow

December 9, 2020

Liberty Fairs Partners with LA Men’s Market on their upcoming Virtual Marketplace with JOOR 
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Liberty Fairs announces the launch of the next season’s digital trade show in partnership with LA Men’s Market. The two leaders in the men’s trade space will join forces online in an effort to promote cross-collaboration during uncertain times in retail, and work together to create an easier experience for retail buyers. Liberty Fairs is again partnering with JOOR, the world’s industry-standard wholesale platform, to bring the digital format to life and allow buyers and brands to transact directly online. The show will run for a 4-week period beginning on February 9th, 2021, in lieu of Liberty Fair’s New York and Las Vegas-based trade shows.

“Above all this year, we want to serve our industry by forming partnerships that help make our retail audience’s jobs easier,” says Edwina Kulego, VP of Liberty Lifestyle & Fashion Fairs. “We have always admired the curation and brand relationships that LA Men’s Market has fostered. And, with Liberty typically geared towards fall and spring markets; and LA Men’s typically focused on summer and holiday markets, this makes for the perfect collaboration for our collective base of buyers.”

“We respect Liberty Fair’s community and forward thinking. We both share similar values and have the same goal. We want to bring the industry together and make it easier to get business done in one place,” says Sannia Shahid, Sales Director of LA Men’s Market.

This partnership builds on a successful series of LF&LF events powered by JOOR during the summer and fall seasons, including Cabana, Capsule and Liberty Men’s. Liberty Fairs’ and LA Men’s Market combined audiences and JOOR’s network of over 200,000 curated retailers come together to form a powerful community where wholesale business can thrive even without physical events.

Launched earlier this year, JOOR Passport is intended for the current market conditions of restricted travel as well as the post-pandemic era when physical events resume. It centralizes the trade show and fashion week experience by creating a one-stop-shop for users: one place to upload data, one website to visit, one app to download, and one comprehensive experience.

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