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Filling In The Blanks - When It's Time to Refocus

December 28, 2020

Starting back up after a much-needed holiday break can be tough. When inertia dissipates and you’re not sure what piece to pick up first, it can lead to getting stuck in the mud. Here are some very quick and easy ideas to help with that as well as a fill-in-the blank idea for your coming month / year / anytime period you want.

If you do find yourself needing to refocus, here are a few effective and easy ways to do it:

1. Set an easy goal like deleting all your junk mail.

2. Think through what you were working on before the holiday started (you don’t even have to do anything more than remember it).

3. Find / think one thing you were doing that made you feel good and competent, find one thing you need to get done today (even if it’s a personal task), do it.

And done. You’re right back on the move.

Now for filling in the blanks. Here at Malakye we have a simple formula and philosophy for staying on track that goes like this:

What is my topline goal? (there can be more than one. Top line goal can be for your year / month / week / day)


What are three areas of focus to achieve this goal?
1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sometimes topline goals can seem insurmountable, big ambiguous, and so on. And it can be easy to get lost in the details pursuing your topline goal. So after deciding what that topline goal is, the next step is to break it down into three major components to achieve. There might be many steps inside of each of the three major components but keeping that list so simple you don’t have to write it down makes it easy to memorize and pursue. All those details will be there and show up as you pursue that top line goal.

Hope you read this and found it useful. If you did, drop me a connect request on Malakye.