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Purpose Meets Work At Rastaclat

February 1, 2021

Daniel Kasidi founded Rastaclat in 2010 and with a vision to Inspire the World to Seek The Positive through brand and business. The brand message “Seek The Positive” remains the same and the company continues to grow and evolve. From bootstrapped beginnings funded by working a day job in design and product development and burning the candle at both ends to make a vision reality Rastaclat has grown into a global brand with an ever-growing list of accomplishments. After weathering the storm of 2020, Rastaclat is strong and poised to grow this year.

What’s behind the message of Seek The Positive?

The message of Seek The Positive is a call to action for all of our customers and communities we have built. What we are looking to inspire is the recognition that the idea that negativity is a mindset, and the problem is that we as a generation have not been equipped with the tools to live a fulfilled life. Our goal is to inspire our communities, create change and unite people to do good for not only themselves, but for others as well.

How did that help you and the company make it through 2020?

Our message was paramount for our internal culture and for the community that follows us around the world in over 200 countries and regions. Internally, our brand message along with our culture galvanized us at times of mental and emotional distress during the pandemic, social and political unrest. Our message inspired us to stay focused on bringing value to our customers by inspiring them to seek positivity. In turn it gave us a bigger sense of a purpose to be there for others during this difficult time.

What did last year teach you professionally and personally?

Personally, it taught me to really value relationships in our sacred journeys of family, friends and co-working family. It also inspired me to continue to lead and live a life of service through giving to others in difficult times.

Professionally, we realized that we spend more time on Zoom talking to our co-working family at work than some of our very closest friends. The stresses of the world called us to being open to being there for one another personally as professional teams. 2020 demanded a heightened level of empathy and compassion, truly leading to build a culture of safety, openness and togetherness while focusing on delivering results to keep our business healthy and thriving.

How have you maintained company culture and connectivity with remote work?

Transparency, communication, camaraderie and wellness have been paramount in keeping our team inspired and motivated to deliver on our vision.

As an executive team, myself and Partner/President Eileen Szymanski Chen leaned heavily in on transparency discussing openly the good, bad and ugly of the business allowing our teams to foster trust in the process that we are in through monthly townhalls and weekly memos from myself to the entire organization.

In addition, constant communication and updates not only of what’s happening in our business but in our communities has allowed us to be mindful of what our teams are going through mentally and emotionally and allowed us to get through it together and show compassion as an organization.

Because we are 100% remote, we focused on building our relationships remote through digital happy hours, mandatory blocked off lunchbreaks company wide, and formulating ice breakers prior getting into the discussions of the business and Slack channels sharing black Friday deals, sneaker releases, sports banter and sharing photos of our pets.

Lastly, we focused on wellness ensuring our teams have the autonomy to ensure their families are safe while having the accountability to deliver results. We catered lunches via DoorDash, forming personal development accountability groups, and paid time off for employees giving back to the community, and Friday half days on months where we achieve our impact and business goals.

Do you think your company culture can be maintained for the long-term with remote work environments?

I believe culture can definitely be maintained if you have a solidified culture in place. However, if your organization doesn’t have the foundation, it can be increasingly difficult to build it or elevate while scaling the business and being remote. We we’re fortunate to have the foresight to focus heavily on culture when it counted the most.

Are you planning to hire this year? If so, what positions will be open?

We are looking at a growth year in 2021 with initiatives from expanding into new product categories and continuing to scale up our digital and ecommerce platforms. The following is a list of hires we are looking to recruit in 2021.

Full Time (View Rastaclat's current job listings here)
• International Sales Assistant
• Sales Operations Coordinator
• Digital Marketing Graphic Designer
• Jr. Digital Marketing Graphic Designer
• ECommerce Manager

• Publicist
• Videographer

Who would enjoy being a part of the Rastaclat brand?

Individuals that enjoy being a part of the brand generally exude our values of Passion, Righteousness, Integrity, Discovery and Excellence.

We want to work alongside individuals that love what they do and have a great passion for it, we believe if they do, they’ll not only bring value for the organization, but their role will give them energy rather than take energy from them. Righteousness is an important aspect in maintaining a positive culture, individuals that have the value of doing the right thing even when nobody is looking. For the ideal candidate, integrity is a non-negotiable value, they generally have strong values and hold themselves others accountable them.

Individuals that are also focused on self-development is crucial, the idea of getting better every day is built in the Rastaclat culture in the form of self-discovery. The last piece is excellence, individuals that truly perform to their best of their abilities and leave no stones unturned. Outside of that at a high level it’s generally individuals that are interested to work for a company that is doing something bigger than themselves, where they feel proud to go home to their friends, spouses, or children and talk about the change they’ve made in the world.