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Here’s a Group of Articles That Will Help Your Job Search

February 9, 2021

We work to be an asset to you in your job search beyond providing access to apply to jobs with the world’s best brands. Below is a list of articles we’ve written that are all quick, simple reads and will leave you more prepared, engaged, and ready for your job search, networking, annual review and more. If you find any it helpful, please repost and share with your community.

1. Quick Tips to Get Your Resume In Order & Activate Your Job Search

2.  Digging In To The Job Hunt - Make Your Applications Count

3.  Get Your Resume Past A.I. & Bots

4. Ditch The Idea of Cover Letters In Favor of Intro Letters.  More Casual; More Effective

5. The Art of Follow Up To a Job Application

6. Tips to Feel Awesome About Applying to Jobs

7. Staying active in your job hunt 

8. Network with specific intent

9.  Preparing for Your Virtual Interview

10. Fuel for Your Salary Negotiations

11. Art of the Annual Review 

It’s always a good idea to grow your professional network. You know how sometimes you see new people and think you’d get along? That’s a great frame of mind when thinking about who you might want to connect with.