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SWITCHBLADE Fishing Lure Reveals Limited-Edition Igloo Playmate Cooler to Reward Backers

March 15, 2021

Today, the founders of SWITCHBLADE Lure announced that backers of the lure company’s Kickstarter at the $125 level will receive a limited-edition branded Igloo Playmate cooler. In an effort to reach the company’s Kickstarter goal to fund production the company is offering several new Kickstarter packages including new plate sets, the SWITCHBLADE Lure x Igloo Playmate coolers and a premium package that rewards the backer with a 2-day Offshore Fishing Trip. Anyone interested in supporting the SWITCHBLADE lure can support the project here:

SWITCHBLADE Lure limited-edition Igloo Playmate Cooler

A cooler is a necessity for bringing cold drinks and food along for fishing, and this Igloo Playmate Pal 7 QT cooler is a classic. Igloo Playmates are tried-and-true favorites around the world, this versatile 9-can cooler features our iconic tent-top design in a go-anywhere size perfect for average-sized lunch appetites at work or at play.

SWITCHBLADE also revealed the six new colors/patterns above to the plate catalog. From left to right these are Minnow, Bluegill, Red/White, Orange, Chartreuse, and Shad.

These new colors will be added to the Deluxe Lure Pack allowing for 78 possible color/pattern combinations. On the Kickstarter, two new additional plate sets will be added to the $25 reward and four new plate sets at the $50 level. These will be delivered to everyone who has already backed at those levels as well as anyone who selects those tiers moving forward.

Two-Day Offshore Fishing Adventure Trip on the Aztec
One premium backer that comes in at the $3,500 level will receive a 2-day fishing adventure on the Aztec out of San Diego. This 65-foot charter boat targets big game fish offshore including tuna, dorado and yellowtail. Additional details on this premium reward are listed on the SWITCHBLADE Kickstarter.

About the SWITCHBLADE lure
The SWITCHBLADE has a new patent-pending magnetic switch plate system, giving a super versatile style of bait the ability to exponentially change its appearance while it is on the line. With the ability to match the SWITCHBLADE’s color to the bait fish the trophies are feeding on quickly and without retying, the angler has more time to have a lure in the water targeting fish.

In addition to the ability to have more time with a bait in the water, the SWITCHBLADE saves the angler the need to buy multiple lures to have every color/pattern option. With the SWITCHBLADE system, a fisher only needs to buy the body of the lure. The inexpensive plate packs, which are sold separately, will allow you to exponentially change the appearance of the lure for a fraction of the cost.

While the SWITCHBLADE patent-pending switch plate system is launching with a casting spoon, the technology is applicable to many different types of lures and styles of fishing. Upon the successful production of the SWITCHBLADE casting spoon, the company has plans to bring this technology into additional baits.

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