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The Hundreds is an Idea Factory

April 5, 2021

The Hundreds was founded in 2003 by a couple friends, Bobby & Ben Hundreds (not related, they have last names, if you want to know them, you’ll have to Google for it), who met in law school and started out by making t-shirts, as many great brands in our industries start. Fast forward almost 20 years later and in our opinion it’s safe to say The Hundreds is to ideas as Willy Wonka was to the chocolate factory. The thinkers inside the brand have an idea and make it happen. Whether it’s a collab with NPR or creating an event called FamilyStyle which is a festival that brings together food, art, and music, their track record makes it safe to call The Hundreds an idea factory.

So, here you go:

1. Company name – The Hundreds (

2. Headquartered – Vernon, Ca. (just southeast of DTLA)

3. Year founded – 2003

4. Good to know – Bobby Hundreds wrote a book called This is Not a T-Shirt that is a great read for anyone in branding and more, and is also known to be full of ideas. Ben Hundreds is far less visible and equally talented in driving business.

5. Currently hiring for: Financial Controller, Accounting Manager, Special Projects Assistant, and Admin Assistant.

Follow this link to see the jobs and apply.

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