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Ethika Reaches 20th Anniversary in 2021

April 13, 2021

Ethika is a bright idea from 20 years ago that continues to be bright and flourish as a brand and company. Founded by Malcolm McCassy, who’s nothing short of a complete ledge in the action sports & lifestyle space, with the help of his very tight friends Travis Pastrana and Ryan Sheckler, Ethika created a category for a market that really didn’t exist. They did for underwear what Stance did for socks. Check out these details. And if you want to know more, check Wikipedia, company website, and Doctor Google.

So, here you go:

1. Company name – Ethika (

2. Headquartered – Lake Forest, Calif.

3. Year founded - 2001

4. Good to know – Malcolm McCassy, who got his start in motocross, was the battery that drove the creation of Ethika. His relationship that span all ends of the action sports and music spectrums resulted in Ethika being on just about every key player you can think of. Fast forward to today and what Ethika considers it’s family is jaw-dropping in superstar power. Today Ethika’s product line has expanded from the original underwear for men to include Mens and Womens and additional product categories include: Ts, Hoodies, Socks, Pants / Tights, Jackets, Footwear, and Headwear

5. Currently hiring for: Financial Controller, Accounting Manager, Special Projects Assistant, and Admin Assistant.

Follow this link to see the jobs and apply.

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