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Push the Apply Button --> Hit Warp Speed

June 29, 2021

If you want to land in a new job, now more than ever, might be the best time to make that happen in the 20-year history of Malakye. Here’s why and ways you can take advantage of the opportunity.

Why Now is a Great Time to Go For a New Job

We don’t know exactly why it’s happening, but what we can share with you is it is happening. Movement in the job market from entry-level to very high paid jobs is somewhere between slow and stagnant. We believe it’s because of the lingering effects of Covid and the transition from working at home / being out of work / having to go back to the office / stretching it out and people waiting as long as they can before they go back to work.

These conditions will not last and it’s a pretty safe bet to say people who sit on their hands for too long are going to end up between a rock and a hard place.

So if you want to make a move, jump on it now. Here’s a simple three step approach that works:

1. Apply to Jobs – yes, it does work and the lines are short. And application rates are down across industries and resources. If you’re well qualified you’re a silver bullet. Put your name in // see what happens.

2. Target companies – there’s no line when you’re creating your own. Find companies you want to join and make connections with hiring managers (who you’d work for), future colleagues, and the company’s recruiting staff if they have one.

3. Network with intent – you accomplish this by taking the approach for #2 and then being very specific in who you seek out.

When these three things are done together or as stand-alones you’re putting yourself ahead of the pack and will be seen as a breath of fresh air.