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The new OPTIMUS Gemini: A twin to fall in love with

July 20, 2021

Kemptthal, 07/19/2021. With the OPTIMUS Gemini Double Burner, the Katadyn Group launches a true game-changer for the outdoor market. The clever double burner stove impresses with high performance, minimal weight, and extremely compact design. Its outstanding features have already won over the international juries of this year's ISPO and Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards. Outdoor enthusiasts can look forward to the first units arriving in stores beginning in June 2021.

High performance, a trailblazing lightweight construction made of durable, high-quality materials, and a patented compact design are the hallmarks of the new OPTIMUS Gemini Double Burner. Ideal for simultaneously preparing different meals, rapidly boiling water, or constant simmering for several hours, the OPTIMUS Gemini brings new flexibility to outdoor cooking. Two hand controls allow the flame height to be infinitely varied separately for each burner head, while the integrated pressure control valve stabilizes the flame throughout the cooking process. This allows for precise cooking with efficient energy consumption. Raised edges protect the flames from wind and fold-out legs on both sides ensure optimum stability even when using large pots. In combination with a separate adapter, the latest addition to the OPTIMUS family is even compatible with LPG cylinders. Its small footprint and light weight make the OPTIMUS Gemini the ideal companion for any outdoor adventure where delicious food is a priority.

In January, the new double burner caused a stir in the outdoor industry when the international juries of the ISPO and Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards chose the OPTIMUS Gemini as a Winner. Outdoor enthusiasts can discover the Gemini and its advantages for themselves in June 2021 when the first units are expected to arrive in stores.

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Katadyn Products Inc., Pfäffikerstr. 37, 8310 Kemptthal, Switzerland, +41 44 839 21 11, [email protected],
Lukas Hesse, Product Manager OPTIMUS, [email protected]

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About Optimus
For more than a century, the Optimus name has stood for dependable outdoor stoves and clever accessories. Founded in Stockholm in 1899, the company has often set new technical standards over its lengthy history. Indeed, it has also earned numerous awards and has been a successful part of innumerable expeditions. For many demanding users, the gas, multifuel and hybrid stoves by Optimus are their first choice – and for good reason: Bound by the tradition of its name, Optimus products are continuously re-engineered for further improvement. Next to its high-performance models, one also finds true classics in the portfolio. For example, the Optimus Svea, among others, continues to sell successfully after more than 70 years and has achieved cult status among outdoor enthusiasts. No matter whether a proven longtime standard or a super-light newcomer for camping, bivy tours or expeditions, the reliable and stylish outdoor cooking gear from Optimus is bound to quickly become a beloved favorite – and of course a reliable impetus for any upcoming adventure. Optimus has been a part of the Katadyn Group portfolio since 2007.