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Exploring Curated’s Work From Anywhere Job Opportunities – Product Expert Roles

August 27, 2021

Curated is an ecommerce platform that’s driven by human customer support in the form of subject matter experts who help customers pick the perfect new product for sports including skis, snowboards, golf, cycling, camping & hiking, fly fishing, conventional fishing and tennis. Curated is currently hiring for their skiing and snowboarding expert roles so if you are a gearhead that lives and breathes skiing or snowboarding, then check out this role and if you're looking to make money from the couch, here's info on how to apply .

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What is Curated?

Curated in an e-commerce site that is dedicated to helping customers make high-consideration purchases with the help of knowledgeable and passionate experts. All the product advice and recommendations from our experts is 100% free. We’re currently hiring for open Ski and Snowboard expert roles.

Curated is an online shop unlike any other that sells sporting equipment. What sets it apart is that shoppers take a short quiz and are matched with an ‘expert’ who helps them find exactly what they need, be it ski, snowboard, cycling, golf, camping or even fishing equipment.

“Who’s” the typical shopper?

Our typical shopper can be anybody from a beginner to a passionate outdoor enthusiast. Our industry experts work with all types of customers. You are getting more than a service, you are getting an introduction to a human, a relationship, and a new gear guide.

Your expert will work with you one-on-one to find the right gear for you. Text them when you are on the chairlift, message them when you’re binge watching your favorite show, or escape back into weekend conversation when you’re stuck in Monday morning.

We trust our experts, brands trust our experts, so that you too can trust our experts. And if you don’t, chat with one -- you’ll see.

What do your industry experts do? How do they work with the customers?

Experts interact with customers via chat or phone from our online platform. We supply our Experts with a steady flow of customers seeking advice and it is the Experts job to build rapport, give recommendations, compare/contrast options, and ultimately sell gear.

While vastly knowledgeable and experienced, experts are approachable and eager to meet people where they are at - wherever they are in their gear buying journey - and guide them through the experience

By helping customers, they are able to monetize their expertise in order to (in most cases) continue fueling their endless pursuit of their activity

Is it a full-time job or something people can add on to their work program like driving for Uber after the full-time job is over?

This position is 100% remote. You can work from anywhere with a computer and reliable WiFi. Successful ski and snowboard sales Experts typically work between 15 - 25 hours a week and find time to nurture their existing leads to close more sales

What makes your work-from-anywhere program good for Curated and the people you hire?

Our Curated experts are able to work here as a side-gig while making money chatting about their favorite sport. They get to keep 100% of tips and earn a high commission per sale. Experts also get discounts on new gear, visit Curated sponsored events and participate in gear giveaways and insider promos.

What’s the application and interview process?

-- Written application with scenario based questions assessing customer service and technical gear knowledge -- A 3 minute 1-way video interview for us to get to know you bette
-- If your application is approved, 2 weeks of development before you interact with your first customer

Would you like to apply to become an Expert at Curated? Fill out an application today:


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