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ASR gives new brands the spotlight this September in San Diego

July 18, 2005

The Mission for the “New” and the “Next” Starts in the Gold Box at ASR

ASR gives new brands the spotlight this September in San Diego

Laguna Beach, CA (June 28, 2005) – ASR is launching a ground breaking new section, titled Gold Box Mission presented by Boost Mobile, to give up-and-coming brands a place to shine this September 9-11th in San Diego. “ The number one reason that retailers attend trade shows is to see new product,” says ASR Show Director Kevin Flanagan. “Retailers often ask ASR how to find emerging brands. ASR is happy to point them to Gold Box Mission and say, ‘here are some trendsetting brands that have great potential’.”

With this goal in mind, the ASR team actively sought out the most cutting edge brands from a crop of new designers and companies. Retailers known for their passionate selection of apparel were asked to highlight their bets for the next big seller, brand or trend. ASR then created a new section on the showroom floor to showcase the creativity flowing from these smaller, up-and-coming companies.

“I’m totally excited,” says Lil’ Punk owner Stephanie Gomez. “I think it’s a great idea.” Lil’ Punk will be joined in Gold Box Mission by other brands including, Cardboard Robot, Austus, Turkey, Constance, Stalyon, Aztec Rose and Lifetime Clothing.

Flanagan says, “The entire industry benefits from a showcase like Gold Box Mission. For the industry to remain cutting edge we need emerging brands to keep innovating. This gives them an opportunity to enter the ASR market. Some of the more established brands will enjoy seeing these new ideas, too.”

This September’s Gold Box Mission companies vary in product offerings but hold common threads in distribution and vision. They are young, involved, and artistic. Gold Box Mission companies have seen marked success and have opened exclusive accounts with retailers like Fred Segal.

The retailers ASR spoke to on a shop-by-shop tour conducted in June 2005 were unanimously enthusiastic. Aleks Petrovitch, co-owner of Aqua Surf Shop in San Francisco says, “You have to go out of your way to find the new brands with appeal. We don’t usually have time to do that thoroughly. This will be a good way to check out new, up-and-coming brands.” 

Tait Cowen, owner of Tait’s Boardshop in Squaw Valley and Log Surf Shop in Pacifica, Calif. says, “I’m definitely planning to check Gold Box Mission out. We’re always looking for the next Volcom, right?”

In a capsule, Gold Box Mission is about underground creativity, the strongest up-and-coming brands, custom inspired products and select distribution—a new direction for the action sports market to be unveiled in San Diego, September 9-11, 2005. Boost Mobile will be bringing the beats handing out golden tickets for use at the Boost Bar in the Box.  Gold Box Mission will become the reason forward thinking retailers attend ASR, and a first glimpse at the brands that will drive sales in 2006. Check out the attached descriptions to learn more about the GBM brands.