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Honey Stinger Partners with Professional Skier Cody Townsend

July 20, 2022

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo.?(July 20, 2022)—?Honey Stinger, the sports nutrition brand, is excited to announce its partnership with professional backcountry skier Cody Townsend. Townsend is attempting to ski the fifty most challenging and classic backcountry ski lines in North America.?

The Fifty is Townsend's multi-year project to ski all the backcountry lines in the book?Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America. He started the journey in 2019 and, to date, has completed nearly half of the terrain.?

“Townsend has been a longtime fan of the brand and has been using Honey Stinger products to fuel his backcountry skiing adventures for years, so this partnership was a natural fit," said Rich Thompson, CEO of Honey Stinger. "He's an icon in the skiing community, and we are proud to support him?as he continues to pioneer the sport.”

Honey Stinger's three-part?Prepare, Perform, Recover™ system helps athletes like Townsend perform at their best. All Honey Stinger products provide targeted support through each stage of activity by giving your body the nutrients it needs most at the time. As a proud member of the Hive and a Honey Stinger athlete, Townsend uses the brand's full line of energy chews, waffles, bars, gels, and hydration, to power his endeavors.?

“It always makes me happiest to team up with a company that I’ve been a customer of for years, and that’s exactly why I’m so excited to team up with Honey Stinger for my backcountry fuel needs,” said Townsend. “Honey Stinger brings a level of function and never-ending enjoyment that has made me a fan of their products for a long long time. Taste, happiness and satisfaction is as important as functionality and performance and Honey Stinger meets both of those demands for myself when it comes to backcountry food. Stoked to be a part of the Hive!”

A Tahoe, California resident, Townsend grew up as a California beach kid spending weekends in the mountains. Before his backcountry career, Townsend was a professional alpine skier and Hollywood stunt skier. To learn more about Townsend and for a complete list of Honey Stinger's Hive athletes, visit


About Honey Stinger?
Fueling athletes at every level, Honey Stinger makes great tasting, convenient sports nutrition to help athletes prepare, perform, and recover at their best. The company’s diverse product offering includes a variety of waffles, gels, chews, bars and more, providing sustained energy for every endeavor. Based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado since 2001, Honey Stinger’s products can be found at sporting goods retailers, grocers, convenience stores and online at?

About Cody Townsend
From his first ski run at Squaw Valley at the age of 2, Cody Townsend knew he had found his passion. He spent his early years chasing legends like Shane McConkey around his home mountain before being recognized in his own right as an up-and-coming big mountain skier. Since turning pro more than a decade ago, Cody has constantly pushed the limits of fun and adventure.?

Most recently Cody has embarked on a truly remarkable adventure story unfolding in real time. Called?The FIFTY Project, Cody is currently in the middle of a multiple season effort to climb and ski the fifty most challenging, beautiful, and classic backcountry ski lines in North America. While this project’s completion will stand as one of the biggest accomplishments in the history of skiing, Cody remains committed throughout to the highest embodiment of skiing and delights in the journey of exploration, relentless passion in the company of friends, and having one hell of a good time with every up and down along the way!