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US cooler manufacturer finds success in retail and custom cooler sales amid supply chain shortages and changing market conditions

July 27, 2022

Mesquite, Texas (July 27, 2022) /OUTDOOR SPORTSWIRE/ –Taiga Coolers, the American-made, veteran-owned brand known for crafting customizable, high-performance coolers, ended the second quarter of 2022 with explosive 100 percent year-to-date growth.

Taiga Coolers’ product sales grew by an additional 330 percent between Q1 and Q2 of 2022 and are projected to grow by 200 percent by the end of the year. While international shipping issues and supply chain shortages negatively affected other manufacturers who rely on overseas parts and labor, Taiga Coolers’ leaned into their US-based supply chain to fill more orders than ever before.

“Taiga coolers have been completely made in the USA since day one,” said Taiga Founder John Hohenshelt. “We have spent nearly 10 years developing a process for creating some of the best coolers on the market while keeping our supply chain almost completely contained within the US. Our investment in USA-made products has proven to be hugely beneficial to our business and our customers. We have not only maintained healthy margins and continued to deliver high-quality products, but we also grew tremendously during a time when many others in our industry are still waiting on months of backorders to arrive from overseas manufacturers.”

The cornerstone of Taiga’s business lies in creating custom-designed coolers for corporate and individual consumers. Taiga saw a 150 percent growth in custom corporate cooler orders, and a remarkable 1,000 percent increase in sales of direct-to-consumer custom orders. Taiga is investing a significant amount in growing its custom and personalized cooler offerings by adding more customization options and retail experiences designed around in-store custom ordering.

Retail accounts grew by 220 percent (to 120 storefronts), and that number is anticipated to grow significantly more by the end of the year as the brand expands beyond its retail footprint in 31 states.

Product development and innovation will be a key focus for Taiga as it plans for continued growth. In 2021, Taiga created its Terra line of first to market plant-based coolers made of a unique hemp-filled polypropylene. The brand is currently developing new and exciting technologies to further set its products apart from competitors.

About Taiga Coolers
Taiga Coolers was founded in 2013 by Texas outdoorsmen in search of a specialized, customizable cooler for their adventures in the rugged landscapes across the Lone Star State. The founders focused on building a USA-made product that could offer durability, high-performance, and an inventive approach to personalization. After extensive research, rigorous testing, and innovating a patented process, the first hard-sided, insulated Taiga cooler was produced in Arlington, Texas in 2014. The veteran-owned brand has since expanded into creating the first sustainability-built, hard-sided cooler, the Taiga Terra. Taiga also offers soft-sided coolers, cooler accessories, drinkware, and gear all in a variety of appearances and customizable options with unlimited single, dual, and multi-color combinations.