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World Championship Skateboard Racing

August 16, 2005

World Championship Skateboard Racing -- Coming to The Streets of the Central Coast!

What: Slalom Week 2005 - World Championship of Slalom Skateboarding
When: September 13th – 18th, 2005
Where: Morro Bay, Los Osos, Cambria, Avila Beach 

Tues – Cross-Country – Morro Bay
Tues – Park Slalom – Los Osos
Wed – Super G - Turri Road  
Thurs – Slalom Qualifying - Cambria
Fri – Tight Slalom Qualifying - Cambria
Sat – Slalom Finals – Avila Beach 
Sun - Tight Slalom Finals – Avila Beach 

Professional and Amatuer Slalom Skateboarding comes to the central coast for the much anticipated 2005 World Championship of Slalom Skateboarding. This 6-day event features high speed, electronically timed, downhill slalom skateboarding races, with the top professionals from all over the U.S. and the world battling it out in head-to-head elimination matches. Winners are determined by hundredths or even thousandths of a second. Racers are competing for thousands of dollars in prize money along with World Champion titles.


Racers include legendary skaters such as Steve Olson and David Hackett (seen in the   "Dogtown and Z-Boys"), Guinness World Record holder Richy Carrasco, Hall of Fame greats -- Steve Evans, Judi Oyama and former World Champions Kenny Moliica, Paul Dunn and Luca Giammarco. In the youth class 2003 Juniors Boys Champion, Dylan Gordon of San Luis Obispo.  2003 Juniors Girls Champion, Lauren Gordon of San Luis Obispo and 2004 Juniors Girls Champion, Keli Benko of Los Osos will be competing.

Other legendary skateboarding personalities in attendance will include: Commentators Denis Shudeldt and Gary Fluitt (2004 World Champion – currently injured).

- Not just for men, the Open Class racing (amateur) features a women's division (watch out guys) and junior division (the next generation) running the same course as the Pro Class racers!

- Historical background - Slalom skateboard racing -- at its peak in the late 70's -- has re-emerged as a world class event in the last few years. In the height of  its popularity -- California was a mecca for slalom racing and the locale for many legendary races. After a hiatus of more than 20 years, Jack Smith hosted the 2001 Morro Bay (CA) World Championships. Building on the success of the 2002, 2003 and 2004  events, slalom racing returns again with the lots of new faces as well as the seasoned masters!

- National and International Media Coverage - The renewed interest in this classic skateboarding discipline has been gaining momentum with each race. This year’s race will be taped and aired on, the High Definition Television Network. Several of the past races have been featured on the FOX Sports Network, Extreme Sports Network, the Outdoor Life Network and CNN in national, Canadian and European markets.

- Pre or post-race coverage - Many of the racers reside and practice in central California and have colorful backgrounds and deep roots in many aspects of skateboarding. Also, slalom racing calls for specialized equipment and the resurgence has inspired production.

- Many of the manufacturers -- some with legendary reputations and some startups -- are based in California. Locally, Bahne Skateboards carries on the legacy of the legendary slalom skateboard designers Bill and Bob Bahne. For interviews or other coverage arrangements refer to "media contact" below.

Visit the Slalom Week 2005 - World Championship of Slalom Skateboarding web site for further event/series details at:

For an updated list of registered racers visit the "Contest Calendar" link).