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Nidecker Delivers First Self-Closing Two-Strap Binding that Works with Any Snowboard Boot

September 19, 2022

SEATTLE, WA – Swiss brand Nidecker just altered the course of snow riding with the Supermatic, an all-new binding that offers the elusive trifecta of ease and performance benefits that the industry has been waiting for: automatic operation, a universal design that accommodates all snowboard boots, and a slip-in and strap dual entry system.

The challenge: traditional two-strap bindings have been popular and continue to dominate the snowboard industry but they are slow to get in and out of causing an annoying delay every time a rider gets off the lift. Alternatively, many brands have created “step-in” convenience bindings but have failed to crack the code by requiring a boot/binding system that may or may not fit the rider and the designs are challenged by snow clog that makes clicking in a pain.

Enter the Supermatic. Four years in development, the binding delivers the same performance as a strap binding, works with any snowboard boot from any brand and takes mere seconds to engage with a hands-free automatic Drop-In Tech design. Simply slide the boot into the wide mouth opening with the help of a triggered hiback and frictionless snow-shedding Slip-n-Grip slide plate, stomp down on the heel pedal to lock it into place and ride. That’s it. A simple release lever makes exiting just as rapid. Done.

The straps are the same comfortable AuxTech design found in Nidecker’s traditional high-end bindings. Adjust them once, lock them in place using aluminum Locking Slap Ratchets and forget about them. If the slope or snow conditions demand it, the straps act just like a regular binding.

The mid-stiff-rated Supermatic is made for new riders to pros using tried-and-trusted materials, including a baseplate constructed from bulletproof glass-filled-nylon with the Slip-N-Grip plate for toe glide, and a heelcup roller for buttery smooth operation of the hiback trigger. A nylon Asym Hadron hiback is designed for a perfect fit, with a responsive flex and an integrated forward lean adjuster for full customization.

Nidecker Supermatic Features & Benefits:
• Automatic hands-free entry system takes seconds to engage
• Universal design accommodates any snowboard boot from any brand
• Dual entry system with Drop-In Tech or traditional strap option easily works in every snow environment
• Durable: built to last and backed by Nidecker’s full warranty against manufacturer’s defects
• MSRP: USD399.95

Visit Nidecker’s digital space for Supermatic videos, team reviews and all the details.