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Collective Licensing International and Airwalk® Brand Set

August 22, 2005

Collective Licensing International and Airwalk® Brand Set ...

New Standard of Music-Based Web Marketing

(Englewood, CO) August 22, 2005 - Collective Licensing International, an innovative leader in action sports and youth lifestyle brand licensing and development, announced today the release of version 2.0.  Version 2.0 represents the first phase of new releases to the Airwalk brand website that are part of a larger brand development strategy created by Collective and its partner in web-based marketing, Factory Design Labs, Inc., a nationally recognized design firm.  The strategy was jointly developed by Collective and Factory Labs in an effort to expand Airwalk’s online presence and serve as a powerful vehicle to tell the overall story of Airwalk as one of the original and most influential youth lifestyle brands since 1986.

The two most significant additions to version 2.0 include the Airwalk Media Player and an interactive game called “Get To The Park.”  The Airwalk Media Player is a streaming music player that allows users to listen to tracks picked by Airwalk Team athletes.  The athlete playlists give the media player a “mix tape” feel and select songs are available for download.   Factory Labs enhanced the music experience by adding interactive animation as the user browses through track listings.   Besides listening to and downloading music, users can use the media player to sign up for the Airwalk newsletter so that they know first when new music is released or let Airwalk know what is on their minds through the use of an on-line survey.  

“The idea of making cool, non-mainstream music a significant part of this new version of our website was important,” said Eric Dreyer, Vice President of Brand Management for Collective Licensing. “The music enriched everything on the site and brought it all together, the product, the athletes, the games, the amazing imagery and the Airwalk brand essence which brings together youth culture and action sports.  If you are going to talk to young consumers about your brand you need a common language and, for Airwalk,  there is no better language than music.”

The creation of the interactive game “Get to the Park” had Factory driving the boundaries of flash game design and technology.  Players of the game find themselves immersed in an interactive world of skateboard, snowboard and surf culture where they are challenged to find their park of choice, dodge various obstacles, and get there before the park closes.  Using a free flowing, creative style mixed with an 8-bit look and feel, the game itself is not only pretty to look at, but fun and familiar to video game players worldwide. 

“Working with Airwalk has been a great experience,” said Andrew Price, Factory Design Labs group creative director. “The creative teams from both companies combined forces to take the vision of the Airwalk brand and turn it into a complete interactive experience. They captured something special in their imagery and I initially thought we were trying to improve on perfection.  I think we did and it is definitely worth a look and listen.”

About Collective Licensing International, LLC
Collective Licensing International, LLC was formed in January 2004 and is the owner and license operator of the Airwalk® brand, the original action sports brand since 1986. Collective Licensing is based in Englewood, Colorado. 

Factory Design Labs, Inc.: Factory Design Labs, Inc. is an authentic, urban design collective. With diverse, innovative teams and disciplines, Factory creates original solutions that connect brands with their consumer.