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Cold Sport to Distribute Elan and ARTEC Project Snowboards in the USA

November 14, 2005

Cold Sport to Distribute Elan and ARTEC Project Snowboards in the USA

Elan Snowboards is proud to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement in the USA with Cold Sports Distribution. The  agreement has been carefully developed to orchestrate the long-term growth of Elan Snowboards in the US market.  Both parties are confident they can achieve the same rapid increase of brand presence and impressive sales growth in the US that Elan is curently experiencing in Europe and Canada.

Elan believes that based on thier expert knowledge, extensive 
industry experience and thriving sales network, Cold Sports 
Distribution has the potential to catapult Elan Snowboards forward in the highly competitive US market. Currently handling the promotion and sales of the Millennium Three, Avalanche and Silence snowboard brands, Cold Sports will transition completely into the distribution of Elan Snowboards, the Artec Project and M4 snowboards by 1-1-06.  

Cold Sports will impliment a strategic approach that increases Elan 
Snowboards’ presence and develops the brand’s image across the country.

"We're stoked to gain access to the Cold Sports US distribution 
network. Cold Sports has a long standing reputation for excellent 
service and their operation is well suited to the Elan and Artec 
snowboard lines.” - Primoz Plestenjak, division manager of Elan 

“Cold Sports is excited to be able to offer the best snowboards in 
the world to its US customers. Elan has a reputation for quality and 
dependability that is unparalleled in the industry.“ -Cold Sports 
President Bruce Caslowitz

“With our former brands we were able to meet the needs of the 
multifaceted snowboard market and satisfy the demands of a diverse group of snowboarders. With M4, Elan and the Artec Project, our ability to meet these needs will increase exponentialy.“ - Cold 
Sports co-founder Blaise Rosenthal

Headquartered in Slovenia, Elan Snowboards is a global leader in 
snowboard manufacturing. With world-renowned production facilities in Austria, Elan Snowboards plans to offer retailers and consumers a unique set of advantages that will be of genuine relevance – superior product performance, attractive features and reliable product quality. The Artec Project by Elan will be aimed at the core consumer segment and will be available through more specialist retailers, providing a viable alternative to the more mainstream brand offerings.

COLD SPORTS DISTRIBUTION - ‘Rider Owned Rider Operated’
Cold Sports is owned and operated by Bruce Caslowitz and Blaise 
Rosenthal, and located in Carlsbad Ca, USA. They have distributed the Millennium Three, Silence and Avalanche Snowboard brands since 2003.  With a deep love of snowboarding at the center of Cold Sports’ business philosophy, Bruce and Blaise combine friendly, personal service with an intimate knowledge of snowboard culture to create a highly effective US marketing and distribution entity.

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