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Drive Graphic Design and Haro Bikes End Agency Relationship

November 16, 2005

Drive Graphic Design and Haro Bikes End Agency Relationship


Having started working for Haro Bicycles in 1985, Sean Hargraves, DBA Drive Graphic Design has seen the rapid rise of the company from near extinction to global BMX dominator. ³I originally started in the summer of 1985 hand coloring Xerox copied line drawings with Bob Haro; that¹s how far I go back with this company. I¹ve experienced some good times and worked with a few great people and take great pride in having helped build Haro into the powerhouse that it now is. But with the departure of longtime leader and friend Jim Ford, I felt it was my time to go as well.²

Although most of the creative at Haro is handled inhouse by longtime Creative Director Pete Demos, Drive Design was responsible for about 80% of the ATB bike graphics, BMX Racing graphics, Team uniforms, catalog bicycle photography and handled 100% of the marketing, graphics, catalogs, trade show display, and all photography for the Haro owned Masi brand. Sean Hargraves was Creative Director of Haro Bikes from 1992-1997 when he left to start Drive Graphic Design and has since worked with many bike companies including Haro, Trek, Univega, Diamondback/Raleigh, Masi and currently SE Bikes.

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