Industry News 11/28/2005

In the Know? -- KNOWSHOW - New Tradeshow in Vancouver!

In the Know? -- KNOWSHOW - New Tradeshow in Vancouver!

November 18, 2005 - The Snow is flying and retail is too. A good start to this winter has everyone
busy and excited.
We at the KNOWSHOW have been busy as well. Here is an update of the
brands confirmed to be at the KNOWSHOW February 12th to 14th, 2005 at the

The Lifetime Collective
WE Superlative Conspiracy
Sitka Surf and Apparel
Vans (all inclusive)
Adidas Originals
Globe Footwear
Gallaz Shoes
Ipath Footwear
IS Design
Stepchild Snowboards
Option Snowboards
Arbour Snowboards
Rome Snowboards
LIbtech Snowboards
GNU Snowboards
Grenade Gloves and Outerwear
Holden Outerwear
Sepia Outerwear
686 Outerwear
M6 Outerwear
Mada Clothing
Element Skateboards
Ezekiel Clothing
Aaron Chang
Gauge Clothing
Dwindle Distribution
Independent Truck Company
Agency Bindings
Bent Metal Bindings
More brands will be confirmed soon!

Call your rep today to see if they are in the KNOW!