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The end of an era “Signals” a new generation

December 5, 2005

The end of an era “Signals” a new generation.

Can you hear me now? Because the “Signal” is coming in loud and clear – Have you heard it yet?? Imagine if there was a radio station that was dedicated to the action sports lifestyle! Well, professional snowboarder and company owner of Signal Snowboards, Dave Lee, has given us just that! Through the medium of streaming media, Dave provides insight on his company, the music he loves, and anything else that moves him. “Signal Pirate Radio gives me the chance to connect with people more personally. It also gives me a chance to interview friends who I feel are doing unique and creative things with their lives. My hope is that the listener may find some inspiration in an interview or maybe Signal’s philosophies or just come across a new band to add to their collection.”


The Signal Pirate Radio shows can be accessed through the Signal Snowboard website, [] and can be downloaded to your computer and I-pod so you have some good listening while you are on your way to the hill or riding down it.


This is just one more way for Signal to utilize their company to honor their lifestyle and their sport and to give riders with other passions like music and art a voice to push the limits of what a snowboard company can be.


Not only is Signal Pirate Radio a medium that will enable Dave Lee and Signal Snowboards to combine and communicate their interests, but it also offers a forum for the public to express themselves and be apart of a community that shares common passions.

Signal is based in Seattle Washington, the origination of unforgettable music, art and people – a creative environment that has undoubtedly rubbed off on Signal Snowboards.


Dave Lee would like to welcome everyone to check out his latest creation, the new Signal Pirate Radio Show, “This is something I have wanted to do for sometime now and I am real excited about it! Signal Pirate Radio is a way for me communicate with people more directly about my love of music, my snowboard company Signal, and anything else that moves me. I hope you'll check it out.”