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Stepchild Snowboards Welcomes New US Sales Manager Will Talbott

December 8, 2005

Stepchild Snowboards Welcomes New US Sales Manager Will Talbott

Stepchild snowboards is pleased to announce the official launch of their U.S. sales plan. Stepchild U.S.A. will be headed up by sales manager Will Talbott who recently parted ways with Celsius snowboard footwear.  Stepchild will be implementing the same strategy it used in Canada to quickly gain status as one of the top brands. “It’s a pretty simple plan,” commented Stepchild’s co-founder Sean Johnson. “Be realistic, honest and keep true to what you believe is the right way to run a snowboard brand.” Stepchild also plans to continue to stick to is sales strategy of protecting retailers, limiting distribution and growing with the right retailers. “We aren’t going to take the easy road that a lot of brands are taking,” remarked Will. “Our goal is grow realistically and maintain relationships with retailers who backed the brand from day 1.”

Currently representing the Stepchild in the U.S. is: Ryan “RV” Vann Dyne, Northern California; Tony Perez, Rockies; Scott Ladwig, Mid West, DHK-Sales’ Dan Kennedy and Clarky in New England and Mid-Atlantic.  Stepchild U.S.A. will be handling the South East, Southern Mid West and Southern California in house.  Stepchild is also looking to adopt a rep in the North West. “We are hoping the sudden dumpage of snow in that area will spawn four new clothing brands out of Portland and four new reps.” Laughed Will about the recent snow in that area,  “we only really need one rep but having four to choose from will increase our odds of success.”

If you have questions on how to become an authorized Stepchild dealer in the U.S. please contact [email protected].  If you live in region without a rep and are down for the cause, please contact us also.