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Brooklyn's Mount Weather Private Indoor Skate Spot Now Open!

January 30, 2006

Brooklyn's Mount Weather Private Indoor Skate Spot Now Open!

New York, NY – January 30, 2006 – For the second year in a row, NYC’s tight-knit skateboarding community has banded together to open a private indoor training facility in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.  The aptly named Mount Weather will be fully operational from January through the end of March, and its purpose is simple; to provide a dry, heated indoor spot for NYC street skaters to ride out Old Man Winter’s frigid wrath. 

Mount Weather is easily accessible from Manhattan via the L-train and features a streamlined street course similar to last winter’s set up.  This year, however, everything is housed within the future home of KCDC’s new retail space that’s slated to open in mid-April.  The much needed TF is made possible with generous support from KCDC Skateshop, Red Bull, 5boro Skateboards, Emerica, Volcom and Autumn Skateshop. 

Like last year, Mount Weather will be run as a co-op where, in addition to the aforementioned sponsors, a select group of individual key holders will contribute money to cover rent, ramp materials and other related expenses.  In return, key holders will enjoy round-the-clock access to Mount Weather.  Therefore, to gain access to this coveted skate spot you either need your own key or a friend with a key.  That’s it; that’s the only way in, so start working the angles and pulling favors now before it’s too late.