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Bahne Skateboards Seeks Partners to Grow the Brand

February 20, 2006

Bahne Skateboards Seeks Partners to Grow the Brand

San Luis Obispo, California (February 14, 2006) - BAHNE SKATEBOARDS today announced it is currently looking for additional partners to take on manufacturing and distribution of its products. Partners Jack Smith and Stan Strocher are licensing BAHNE-from Bill and Bob Bahne-and are offering a substantial portion of the partnership to help raise capital and the means to produce merchandise at the volume needed to market the brand to its full potential.

"This is the perfect time for an established distributor to add a legendary old school brand to its modern product line," says Partner and Marketing Director, Stan Strocher. "We played a major role in the development of modern skateboarding. BAHNE Skateboards, along with Cadillac Wheels, organized and sponsored the BAHNE-Cadillac Nationals in April of 1975 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds."

Those who know their skateboarding history or have seen "Dogtown and Z-Boys" realize that this contest was the birth of modern skateboarding. The boys from BAHNE even set the stage for some scruffy, longhaired skate rats named Alva, Adams, and Peralta from a place called Dogtown. In one afternoon the Zephyr crew changed the face of skateboarding.

In the beginning before time, well actually somewhere around 1972, Bill and Bob Bahne began manufacturing skateboards. Based in Encinitas, California, the brothers produced hundreds of thousands of skateboards during the seventies.

Probably most well known for their flexible, fiberglass boards equipped with Chicago trucks and Cadillac Wheels, the Bahne brothers constantly strived to improve the construction and performance of their boards, wheels and trucks.

The first BAHNE skateboard came in three lengths-24, 27, and 30 inches-all of which were just a scant 6" wide. Back in those early days, speed was what everyone craved. Skateboarders would search out the biggest, steepest hills and attempt to bomb them. One of the best downhill bombers was Denis Shufeldt, then in his early twenties and one of BAHNE's first sponsored riders. It was not uncommon for Denis to reach speeds in the 50mph range riding a stock 24" BAHNE.

Over thirty years ago, BAHNE Skateboards introduced the world to modern skateboarding. We bombed hills, ran cones, and discovered the fun of skateboarding in empty swimming pools. We led the way during the rebirth days of skateboarding in the early seventies. Innovators from the beginningŠfrom our original fiberglass boards to the Honeycomb Slalom deck, BAHNE led the way in skateboard technology.

From the halcyon days of La Costa to the BAHNE-Cadillac Nationals, our love of skateboarding and providing quality, performance equipment was and is our mission to this day.

And now, thirty years later, BAHNE is back.

All those with serious interest in a partnership with BAHNE, contact Jack Smith at: [email protected].